A Great Game Manual on Farmville Tricks for Getting Farmville Ribbons

A Great Game Manual on Farmville Tricks for Getting Farmville Ribbons
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What are they?

Farmville Ribbons are ways to show your mastery, and how much you have advanced in the game. Ribbon categories are constantly changing, so be aware that since Farmville is constantly evolving with new products and services offered with the game so new categories for ribbons pop up all the time.

Farmville Ribbons are a bit like ribbons you get in a farm fair and they have four levels : Yellow, White, Red and Blue. In each level you gain more xp ( the xp level varies by ribbon but it can be from 25xp to 250xp), get a special gift and earn cash. When you achieve the blue ribbon it means all the ribbons have been completed.

There are several categories of ribbons which detect a specific skill that has been gained or a specific focus you have concentrated upon to achieve. Some of these categories have to do with how far you are in the game, others are determined by how many friends you have on facebook, others have to do with how much you help out your neighbors, others have to do with how many crops you grow. It’s best to start getting ribbons throughout the board in different levels until you are far enough in the game to advance more quickly.

Farmville Ribbons

Where to Start

Determining what ribbon to start with is tricky. It depends on what you are interested in, what level you are on and other factors. The best farms are ones where you plan out your farm before you start so remember to give yourself enough space for trees, decorations and others things you might want to add on. For organization’s sake I have divided the ribbons in ways you can get the ribbons faster : Harvesting, Friends and Decoration.

Friends and Neighbors

Most of the rewards do require that you have " neighbors" i.e. facebook friends who play the game. Make sure you add as many as you can as not only will they give you gifts but they will also fertilize your crops. This also helps with you fertilizing their crops which helps you gain ribbons and XP.

Local Celebrity Ribbon

The best ribbon to start with is the local celebrity ribbon. You earn ribbons by having a lot of farmville " neighbors". This gets you to have more friends and helps you with other aspects of the game. The first ribbon to obtain is pretty simple as it requires only 10 friends. Your best bet is to click on the tab that says " farmville neighbors" which shows you all your friends who are already on farmville. This increases the likelihood that they will accept you as a friend. You can also send a general invite to people on your friend list asking them to add you as their neighbor or send them a free gift as an incentive. A word of warning though, many people in facebook are quite weary of facebook invites and might ignore them. Make sure they know what facebook is and see if they will accept you.

If you do not have a lot of friends on facebook you can create dummy accounts which only serves for you to get free gifts and adding yourself as a neighbor. Beware though as sometimes barely used facebook accounts can become victims of spamming and hacking.

Good Samaritan Ribbon

This ribbon is obtained by helping other neighbor’s farms. Once you have gotten the " good neighbor" white ribbon you should be able to advance quickly on these categories. By the Red Ribbon level it takes longer as you have to help 500 friends, which means that you should be going to their farms quite open. To become adept at good samaritan simply click on a neighbor you wish to visit and click on their farm when a window pops up. You are usually required to help get rid of weeds or foxes. This will get you 20 coins and 5xp. If your friend has crops growing you can fertilize up to five crops which adds on to your xp and coins.

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Crop Whisperer Ribbon

Another category that is greatly determined by how many neighbors you have is the crop whisperer ribbon. This is tied directly to the Good Samaritan Ribbon. Expect these ribbons to take time as the white ribbon alone takes 500 crops to fertilize. It’s crucial to go everyday to keep getting the crops fertiilzed. It will also help when getting the King of Compost ribbons as most of your friends will return the favor and fertilize your crops.

Skill difficulty : four . It’s hard to get past the white ribbon and takes time to do so as the numbers are so high

Gifted Not Spoiled Ribbon

The gifted not spoiled ribbon is the category where you leave the free gifts you get from your friends in the gift box. If you can wait and do not need the gifts for other categories you can stack up these ribbons pretty quickly. Check often in your notifications folder if you have free gifts from farmville and make sure you add each one as they have a tendency to get lost if you do not add them quickly. The numbers do not range that high as the blue ribbon is obtained through getting 23 gifts. It’s important to let the gifts stay in the box until you have included them all as they do not count once they are in your farm. You can send gifts to yourself by setting up dummy accounts and sending free gifts to yourself.

Collection Ribbons

These types of ribbons are gained by harvesting crops, getting animals, harvesting and collecting different types of trees among other things.

This category can only be achieved by going through the levels as a lot of it requires a good amount of cash and time. However, some are easier than others

Green Thumb Ribbon

By getting different crops you can get these ribbons. You achieve all blue ribbons with 28 different crops, something easily achieved in mid levels of farmville. By making sure you get at least some crops of each this should be a ribbon category you can easily obtain. Bear in mind that each level a new crop opens up.

Skill level : Three, pretty easy to do and is obtained by levels 12 and onwards

Noah’s Ark

These ribbons are obtained by getting as many different kinds of animals as possible. The ribbons are achieved pretty early in the game and it’s not necessary to collect all the animals available , however make sure your friends gift you animals often as some are only available as gits or farmville cash.

Difficulty Level : Three. Although it is not a high number of animals you need to get it’s hard to collect all the animals right away.

Collection Ribbons Continued

Pretty Garden

One of the newest ribbons, this category only works if you are at a level where you can harvest flowers. You must obtain a garden shed first before you are able to accumulate flowers. This means you need to have at least 30,000 farm coins to buy the garden shed. The garden shed itself contains a good amount of flowers. The objective is to get perfect bunches, but it is not clear how many flowers you have to harvest to get it. A perfect bunch pops in the screen and is automatically deposited into your shed. You are allowed 30 perfect bunches in your shed so you might benefit from keeping all of them at once and getting up to the blue ribbon all at once. If you are in level 20 onwards it makes it easier as the flowers are expensive and roses and sunflowers are not available till later in the game. One you have 23 bunches you can plant them in the garden and get the ribbons. Or you can just plant them as you go along. It does not take very long but it depends on which flower you choose to harvest as

Level of difficulty : 2 It’s quite simple to get all ribbons but you have to be pretty advanced in the game to get there

Tree Hugger Ribbon

This ribbon is obtained by getting a variety of trees. The blue ribbon and highest amount is 17. This is not hard to get, but only certain trees are available in the market so make sure your friends gift you different trees.

Level of difficulty : 3. It isn’t hard to get all ribbons but make sure you are gifted different varieties of tree often or use your dummy accounts to gift yourself.

Spending Ribbons

These are the ribbons obtained by spending or accumulating money/harvesting a lot of crops. There is little you can do unless you wish to prurchase more on paypal to get through this faster. The best way to earn money fast is to start harvesting the crops that take longer but yield more XP and money

High Roller Ribbon-

This ribbon you should earn a certain amount of cash to get it. By the time you reach level 20 this should be much easier. Try harvesting the more expensive crops which in the end will yield more XP and money

Level of difficulty : Five, it takes a long time to get the right amount of money

A pretty penny

These ribbons are earned by spending money in the market. Your best bet to get through this sooner is to save the most at the start and spend on a big purchase such as a tool shed or barn ( which also gives you extra storage space)


These ribbons are obtained by collecting buildings. Because of the large price tag you don’t have to collect that many to get the ribbons but it does take a long time to get them as each building costs between 10,000 to 40,000. Try to get practical ones that will help you with other challenges such as the chicken coop or a building where you can store your cows.

Pack Rat

Collect a certain amount of decorations and you will get the ribbons. It does take a long time to get but most gifts count as decorations and some ribbons give you free gifts that are decorations as well. It’s best to collect a lot of small items which cost less so you can afford the other elements of the game

Level of difficulty : Five, unless you decide to pay for farmville coins via Paypal.

Pack Rat

Ribbons based on Luck

Crop Whisperer

You get ribbons by harvesting fertilized crops. It takes awhile as it depends greatly on how much your friends decide to harvest

Difficulty : Five , it is just a luck of the draw

Animal Shelter

You adopt animals that were published in the feed by your friends. Although not many is needed to get all the ribbons it is difficult to " collect" because you have to watch the feed often to find them.

Difficulty : Five, a close eye is what is needed and an insane amount of time on facebook