Learn More About Common Facebook Farmville Problems

Learn More About Common Facebook Farmville Problems
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Farmville is one of the most played games on Facebook, but it doesn’t come without its share of problems. Common problems are: game loading issues, accepting neighbors, and accepting gifts. If you encouter other problems, let us know through a comment on the article and we’ll help you address them as best we can or add them this to this article.

Facebook Farmville Problems: Game Loading Issues

Farmville runs on Flash, like all the other Zynga games. If your computer has issues with Flash, it may experience issues loading. If after refreshing the connection to the game server, the game still has problems, try upgrading to the latest version of Flash. If this still does not solve the problem, it may not be possible to play the game using the computer.

When playing the game, some people may experience great lags. While game play is still possible, the lags slow the computer down greatly and will cause the game to periodically freeze. Dedicated players may choose to continue playing this way, while others may decide to completely abandon the game. Though you may be able to play other Flash based games from Zynga on Facebook, this one seems to hog more resources because of the graphics and animations not seen in games such as Mafia Wars. This is why players are able to enjoy other games but experience issues with Farmville.

Facebook Farmville Problems: Accepting Neighbor Requests

As a result of the transition between the Facebook Notification System and the Zygna Messaging Center to accept gifts, neighbors, and all other gaming requests, there have been an increased amount of errors when trying to accept neighbor requests. When trying to accept the neighbor request from the Messaging Center, the user may experience a message, “An error occurred while accepting this request.” If the user then turns to the Facebook Notification System to accept the request, it appears to no longer be valid. This means either of the players must resend a neighbor request. It is best to try to accept it through Facebook first, rather than through the messaging system, at least until the bugs in the Messaging Center have been resulted.

Facebook Farmville Problems: Accepting Gifts

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As there have been problems with accepting neighbor requests, there have been a number of problems with accepting gift requests as well. There is only a certain amount of time people have to accept gifts–two weeks–and if the gifts are not accepted within this time period they expire. Try accepting the gifts through the Messaging Center, and if there is a glitch, check the Farmville site for notifications of such glitches on the server end. If there isn’t a notification, try accepting the gifts through Facebook. If you’ve already accepted the gift through the Messaging Center, there will be a notification from Farmville. If accepting gifts still does not work and there is no notification from Farmville, try reporting the error to Zynga and wait for more news. It could be a game wide issue they are working to resolve without having posted a game wide message.

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