Doodle Devil Walkthrough: All Possible Combinations

Doodle Devil Walkthrough: All Possible Combinations
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The evil sequel to Doodle God 2 packs in more combinations and throws down even bigger challenges to test your logic skills. Gameplay is similar to the original game, but this time you will have to play the Devil and create more complex elements. You have a few basic elements to start with and will have to combine them to create new elements. The latest update allows you to create over 150 objects. This Doodle Devil walkthrough will provide solutions for each element, starting with basic elements and ending with complex elements that are even more challenging than the previous games.

Doodle Devil Combos: Basic Elements

When you begin you have access to basic elements like Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Other starting elements include: Beast, Darkness, Chaos, Light, Order, Apple, Woman, Man.

Doodle Devil Walkthrough - Screenshot 1

  • Energy: Mix Air with Fire
  • Lava: Mix Fire with Earth
  • Stone: Mix Water with Lava
  • Metal: Mix Stone with Fire
  • Steam: Mix Water with Fire
  • Electricity: Combine Metal with Energy
  • Ash: Combine Tree with Fire

How to Create Seeds, Grass, Coffee and Mushroom?

  • Seeds: Combine Apple (starting element) with Earth (starting element)
  • Coffee Plant: Combine Seeds with Energy
  • Tobacco: Mix Fire with Grass
  • Grass, Tree, Mushroom: Mix Earth with Seeds

How to Create Snake, Dove, Wolf, and Bat?

Beast is the starting element. You can combine various other objects with Beast to create animals

Doodle Devil Screenshot 2

  • Fish: Combine Water (Starting Element) with Beast
  • Piranha: Combine Weapon (Mix Metal with Human) with Fish
  • Worm: Combine Life (Man + Woman) with Earth (Given Element)
  • Rat: Combine Diseases (which can be created by combining Human with Tobacco. To Create Human, combine Man with Woman) with Beast
  • Egg: Combine Stone with Magic
  • Snake: Combine Worm with Egg
  • Dove: Combine Rat with Air
  • Wolf: Combine Wrath with Beast
  • Bat: Combine Air with Vampire

How to Create Zombie, Werewolf, Frankenstein, Demon, Vampire and Witch in Doodle Devil?

  • Demon: To create demon, combine Darkness with Beast
  • Dragon: Combine Egg with Magic
  • Mutant: Combine Darkness (Starting Element) with Human
  • Zombie: Combine Corpse with Life (Corpse can be created by combining Human with Demon)
  • Werewolf: Combine Beast with Human
  • Demon: Mix Darkness with Beast
  • Cthulhu (Lovecraftian Monster): Combine Water with Demon
  • Hydra: Combine Snake with Beast
  • Vampire: Combine Human with Blood
  • Frankenstein: Combine Corpse with Electricity
  • Cerberus: Combine Beast with Death
  • Witch: Combine Magic with Woman (Starting Element)

How to Create Mechanism, Poison, Nuclear Bomb and Other Tools and Weapons?

  • To Create Mechanism, combine Work with Metal (Work can be Created by Combining Human with Coffee)

    Doodle Devil Screenshot 3

  • To Make Poison, combine Coffee with Tobacco

  • To make Sulfur, combine Air with Inferno

  • To make Acid, combine Sulfur with Water

  • To make Oil, combine Knowledge with Earth

  • To Create TNT, combine Acid with Oil

  • To make Bomb, combine Metal with TNT

  • To make a Nuclear Bomb, combine Mushroom with Bomb

How to Create Weapon, Corpse, Lawyer and Politician in Doodle Devil?

Man and Woman are some of the starting elements in Doodle Devil and you can create several elements/objects with these starting elements.

  • Human, Sex: Combine Man with Woman
  • Weapon: Combine Metal with Human
  • Politician: Combine Pride (Bad Element) with Human
  • Corpse: Combine Human with Demon
  • Blood: Combine Beast with Weapon
  • Lawyer: Combine Copyright with Human

How to Create Advanced Objects like Television, Cell Phone, Robot, Cyborg and Radio Wave?

  • To make a Television, combine Mechanism with Demon

  • To Create Radio Wave, combine Air with Electricity

  • To Create Computer, combine Book with Television (TV)

    Doodle Devil - Screenshot 4

  • To Create Internet, combine Computer with Computer

  • To Create a Robot, combine Computer with Mechanism

  • To make a Cell Phone, combine Radio wave with Computer

  • To Create AI: Combine Computer with Life

  • To Create a Cyborg, combine Robot with AI

  • To make a Car, combine Sloth with Human

  • Combine Human with Coffee (Plant) to create Work. You can also Combine Money with Man.
  • Combine Order (starting element) with Demon to create Copyright
  • Combine Knowledge with Copyright to Create Money
  • Combine Money with Sex to create “Censored”
  • Combine Human with Heresy to create Atheism and Psychology

How to Create Good and Evil Elements?

To create these elements, you will have to combine starting elements like Man, Woman, Apple, Energy Chaos, Light, Order, and Darkness.

  • Mix Energy with Darkness to create Death
  • Combine Woman with Man to Create Life
  • Combine Human with Tobacco to Create Diseases (You can also mix Tobacco with Fire)
  • Combine Human with Demon to create Soul
  • Combine Corpse with Soul to create Resurrection
  • Combine Energy with Demon to create Magic
  • Combine Apple with Human to create Sin
  • To create Angel, Combine Light with Life
  • Combine Angle with Human to create Prayer
  • Combine Prayer with Human to create Religion and Heaven
  • Combine war with Human to create Suffering (Hint: There are other ways to create Suffering)
  • Combine Soul with Sin to create Inferno
  • Combine Religion with Heresy to create Sect
  • To create Friendship, you need to click on Frankenstein and then Cthulu. You can also combine Man with Man to create Friendship.

How to Create the Seven Sins in Doodle Devil?

All sins in Doodle Devil revolve around the Sin element.

  • Combining Sin with Money will give way to Theft and Greed
  • Combining Greed with Sin will create Envy
  • Combining Weapon with Sin will create Wrath
  • Combining Sin with Sin will create Pride
  • Combining Religion with Sin will create Heresy
  • Combining Envy with Wrath will lead to Murder

There are various other ways to create some elements. For example Friendship can be created by combining Frankenstein with Cthulhu or by combining Man with Man. Do share your own Doodle Devil combos with us.