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Bowmaster Prelude - A Kingdom Under Attack - Free Shooting Games
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A Kingdom Under Attack

Bowmaster - free flash game presents Jason Reinsvold’s Bowmaster Prelude. Set in a time where magic and heroes exist, Bowmaster is an innovative free Flash game. Players enter a kingdom that was once peaceful but is now plaqued by terror. Legions of the sinister Trev’Gahr are advancing. Stop the invasion and protect your castle in Bowmaster. Armed with a legendary magical bow become a hero. Save the kingdom from the treacherous Trev’Gahr army. Fire magical arrows, spells, command troop units, and use strategy to conquer the evil force. Bowmaster Prelude takes shooting games to another level. Dabble in archery and mystical powers to protect your castle.

Defend Your Castle

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Bowmaster Prelude combines the fun of action and shooting games into a 14th Century capture the flag style war. The primary objective is to kill every enemy soldier or capture their flag first. Prevent the opposing troops from taking your flag by shooting them with your legendary crossbow. The enemy troops are armed with crossbows, swords, and a trebuchet which flings deadly projectiles.

You earn gold and XP for every direct hit with your arrow. After each level upgrades can be purchased. Buy additional skills, magical arrows, or troop units to assist you. These basic troops consist of grunts, big grunts, and mounted soldiers. Grunts are foot soldiers armed with a sword. Big grunts are soldiers armed with a mighty axe or hammer. Mounted soldiers are on horseback armed with a sword. Priests are also available for healing.

Master of Arrows

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What makes Bowmaster Prelude a truly interesting game is the controls. There are four different shooting mode options for players to choose. Beginners may prefer using the Auto Aim mode or Point Aim. Both are relatively easy. Users simply click on the target or area in which they want the arrow to fire. The Pull String and Drag Anywhere Modes are more advanced. They are also two of the fun aspects of the game.

In the Pull String Mode a green circle appears around the bow. Click holding the circle and drag the tip in the direction you wish to aim. Release to fire. Skilled players can choose the Drag Anywhere Mode. This option operates similar to the Pull String but there is no green circle to guide you. Click, drag, and release on any area in the screen to shoot a magical arrow. Marks from your previous shot are visible. This can serve as a visual aid for aim improvement.

A New Archery Obsession

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Bowmaster Prelude goes beyond the traditional castle defense game. It features a variety of shooting modes and upgrades to aid in a glorious victory. The multiple control options for firing arrows create a game that you can grow with. Up to 30 challenging levels increase in difficulty as players try to stop the enemy from snatching their flag. Bowmaster Prelude is a free PC game with endless gameplay. The storyline mimics an RPG title game. The graphics in Bowmaster are quality as well. Even if you’re not particularly a fan of the castle defense genre, you’ll find yourself obsessed with mastering the crossbow and beating the game.