Icy Tower Beginner’s Game Guide – How to Play the Game Icy Tower

Icy Tower Beginner’s Game Guide – How to Play the Game Icy Tower
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The Game Icy Tower

Icy Tower is one of the most addictive games and it’s freeware. Players become a hip yet eccentric character named Harold the Homeboy who is determined to conquer a gigantic mystical tower. While racing against the clock players must jump from various platforms and bounce off slippery walls to make it to the top in time. Although, the gameplay is quite simple it is also challenging. Speed and strategy is important when playing. This beginner game guide will teach you how to play the game Icy Tower. Learn the tricks to perform advanced jumps, amazing bonus points worthy combos, and other techniques to earn your highest score ever.

Jumbo Jumping Techniques

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The timer is what makes this such a challenging game. As the character moves upward the screen begins to scroll at a faster speed. In order to prevent the clock from sounding players have to jump up multiple floors at once. Performing these gravity-defying jumps or jumbo jumps for short will help Harold zoom through the icy platforms. They also earn players extra points. To do this simply hold down the arrow key while moving quickly. Platforms decrease in length the higher you reach making it easier to slip and fall. Focusing on the position of your character and the next two platforms above will help determine whether or not to perform a single or jumbo jump in order to move ahead.

Amazing Combos Wall to Wall

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The ledges throughout the Icy Tower are spaced at different distances. Sometimes they are extremely close and at other times the floors are wider apart. Judging when to perform a jump or execute combos can come in handy. There is a re-jump feature in the game that players are able to set to make performing combo moves easier. Skipping a minimum of at least two floors is a combination jump. They are also done when a player is running fast while hopping and bouncing off of walls. The walls are valuable tools in this game. You can use them to boost your speed and make cool combos. The faster Harold the Homeboy runs the higher the leap will propel him.

The Secret to Scoring High in Icy Tower

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The secret to scoring high in the game Icy Tower is to practice. It takes a lot of hours playing and plummeting to your death to gain the ability to gauge accurate jumps or combos. Players can not fear dying. Start out fearless making crazy dare devil acrobatic leaps to get a good feel of the game’s speed. There’s no way getting around it. You will die multiple times due to a missed platform or slow pace. Try not to let the buzzer announcement throw you off. Rushing in a panic can cause deadly mistakes. Stay calm use the full length of the platform to walk or run if you need to. Keep moving continuously to automatically perform out of sight jumps in the air. Remember the more combo moves and tricks the higher the score. Icy Tower is entertaining and like many other free pc games worth taking the time to master.