Duck Hunt History: The Original Shoot the Duck Game

Duck Hunt History: The Original Shoot the Duck Game
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Duck Hunt in the 80s

Before popular video games like Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts, Deer Hunter, and Hunting Unlimited there was Duck Hunt. This 1980’s arcade classic paved the way for the broad range of games available now. In 1984 Nintendo released their signature shoot the duck game properly titled Duck Hunt. The game had no trouble clearing the shelves since it was often part of a bundle package that came with Super Mario Bros. and the purchase of the NES console. Sometimes it would be bundled with other games like Gyromite or World Class Track Meet. Most gamers in the mid-80s owned a copy of Duck Hunt without even selecting it. In order to play users had to plug in a light gun from Nintendo known as the Zapper. This game magnified the features of the Zapper increasing its popularity among shooter fans. Players reveled in the ability to point and shoot a realistic looking gun in a hunting themed video game.

Duck Hunting Games for NES & Arcade

Duck Hunt Online - free hunting games

Duck Hunt also has an arcade version that was released within the same year. Both games play similar but with variations in mode options. There are three basic modes consisting of one duck, two duck, or clay pigeon shooting which replaces ducks with smaller sized clay pigeons as targets. Although, the gameplay is simplistic it is still fun. Depending on the mode selected one or two ducks will appear flying across the screen. Players are given three shots per duck to fire.

Duck Hunt - shoot the duck game

The main objective is to shoot down as many as possible. Each round or level requires a specific amount of ducks to be killed in order to advance. Duck Hunt has about 99 levels. Throughout the game a less than supportive doggy companion will laugh when you miss a duck. His teasing giggle is quite annoying. In the arcade version bonus round of Vs. Duck Hunt players have the ability to shoot the dog but it won’t earn points. If you want to experience one of the originators of the hunting games craze there are multiple versions of this shoot the duck game available for free online.

Where to Play Duck Hunt Online Now

Duck Hunt Online - Duck Hunt Dog

Most versions of Duck Hunt Online will feature the original NES or a rendition of the special arcade modes. There are hundreds of sites offering gamers a chance to play this classic. One particular gaming portal called features a unique dog mode of Duck Hunt Online. Players enter a shooter’s paradise in this bonus level. Armed with a blazing machine gun with unlimited ammunition the player gets to aim at hundreds of dogs passing by. Every hit results in a splatter of blood. The march of dogs will increase in the round eloquently titled ’99 Dead Dogs on the Wall.’ Any player from the original Nintendo version would love this revenge round. Below is a list of other sites to play Duck Hunt Online now: