iMafia II: Adding Members to Your Mafia II

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Mafia The Sequel

iMafia II is the model for most of the new PlayMesh games on the horizon. For old players iMafia II will bring all the familiar iMafia tools that you need to use to progress on. The same systems for properties, fights, missions, and banking are in tact in iMafia II, and most aspects will be familiar. The friend system, which involves you adding mafia members, is internal, meaning you buy more mafia members from within Mafia II instead of adding other Mafia II players to make up the mafia. This makes it the same as iMafia classic, iMafia New York, and iMafia Lost Angeles, yet the brick drop interface is different.

Godfather Offers

When you are at the main Mafia II interface go down to the Godfather. This is directly below Real Estate and above the Police. When you select this, you will be taken to the Godfather screen where you are supposed to deal with offers. At the bottom hit the Godfather Offers button instead of the PlayMesh Points button. On the very top of the Godfather Offers you will find a block that says “Hire a mafia member” with a price to its right. Once you press it, you will be given a blue button that says Confirm Payment in the middle. Press it again and the mafia member will be hired to your Mafia II account for the specified price.

PlayMesh Points

The PlayMesh Points system is just as in place as it is with all PlayMesh games. When you are in the Godfather you can press the PlayMesh Deal button to find the selection of PlayMesh Points packages you can buy. With PlayMesh Points you can actually buy mafia members, which is a great set up once the price of mafia members gets huge. Since every time you buy a mafia member the price goes up the later mafia numbers will be very expensive. Once adding to your Mafia II account becomes expensive you may want to use some PlayMesh Points on them. The cost is set at two crew members for twenty PlayMesh Points. Do not make this choice too early; otherwise you will waste your PlayMesh Points.

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