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Tips for Space DeadBeef

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Some quick tips to help when playing Space DeadBeef.

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    Play On

    Space DeadBeef has proven itself to one of the most popular games running around the iTunes circuit. The game taps into a long history of rabid side scrolling fanaticism, and gives us a nice outlet on the iPhone. Here are a few tips that may help you when you are playing the game.

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    Hold It Right

    Make sure to use the iPhone just as you would with a traditional console gaming controller or a handheld system like a PSP. This means having a thumb on both sides of the screen at all times. This is not so you can keep them both on the screen, but so you can alternate one for moving the ship and one for hitting your targets. This will make it so you always have a finger ready to either move a ship or lock in on an enemy. Feel free to use other fingers when targeting large or pervasive enemies, but keep the two thumb model as your base.

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    Go With Regular Ammo

    Though the “super shot” that happens when you hold your finger on your ship can be effective, it usually isn’t. You have to be in close range to your target and since you cannot control the depth at which your ship moves then you really have little reason to use this. It is better to just continually fire waves of missiles at your enemies.

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    Tap and Shoot

    You have a fixed number of missiles at any given time when you are playing. Once one of them blows up you are able to go and target and shoot another one. If you hold your finger down on the touch screen and drag it around all the target areas to lock in on them you are going to get them all covered, but all the missiles are going to wait and shoot at once when you release your finger from the touch screen. This means there are gap times when no missiles are firing. Try constantly tapping all the possible target areas, that way the queue never gets all the way down and missiles fire continuously. It is easier to miss targets, but you will constantly be sending out a firestorm of ammunition. This can be helpful when fighting large bosses.

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    Stay Moving

    Try to keep your shipping moving up and down periodically even if there is not a missile coming directly for you. If they have missed your static position several times it is likely that there will be one headed directly for you.

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