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Dr. Awesome is Definitely an Awesome iPhone Game

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

If you've been wanting to become a doctor, or a micro surgeon to be specific for a long time now, Dr. Awesome will give you that chance even on your iPhone at least. Dr. Awesome is a fun-filled and exciting puzzle-mystery game that takes full use of the iPhone's accelerometer for the game's control.

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    Dr. Awesome's Gameplay and Control

    One important aspect that could make or break a mobile game, or any for that matter, is how effective and responsive its controls are when playing the game. Fortunately, Dr. Awesome excels in this department. The game effectively made use of the iPhone's accelerometer in controlling the basic move of the game - that is to control your micro-scalpel in cutting cells that were supposedly infected by a mysterious virus. The micro scalpel responds smoothly and fluidly when you "tilt" the iPhone to guide the microscalpel to where you want to cut the cells. Very rarely will you experience slow-down in the way the animation and graphics moves. This more than makes up for what you need to enjoy playing Dr. Awesome on your iPhone and makes one of the best adventure games for the iPhone.

    Another feature of Dr. Awesome that made it stand out is the unique utilization of your iPhone Contacts list. Yes folks, the people whom you need to save get the name of the people in your iPhone Contacts List. And sometimes, although not accurately, you'd encounter the dialogues of the characters in-tune with the name of the person that you have to save. Seriously, it adds to the fun factor of playing this game. So, you can intentionally do badly when conducting surgical operations to somebody that you despise, all for the fun of it. To play iPhone games as exciting and as enjoyable as Dr. Awesome is definitely well worth the bucks you have to pay for the game.

    IMG 0013 In other aspects of Dr. Awesome's gameplay, the game features various power-ups which you earned by attaining various game achievements. The number of patients you have cured vis-à-vis the number of patients who have expired under your "hands" usually determines these game achievements. The game also features several varieties of viruses that you need to destroy and some of these viruses fire some kind of projectiles at you. This adds some level of difficulty to the game and it's a good thing.

    And finally, Dr. Awesome also has the demotion/promotion feature wherein successfully curing a patient will elevate you to a new level but you must keep up with the succeeding patients as failure to do so successively will cause you a demotion from your level.

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    Graphics and Sound

    IMG 0019 What can we say? Dr. Awesome pretty much keep up with the graphics engine of the iPhone. The characters during in-game intermission are well crafted. The "dialogues" are well written, although it gets repetitive at times. I'm telling you even the intermission dialogues of the characters which include the Master Surgeon, Dr. Osborne, the nurse and the nursing aide and of course Dr. Awesome adds fun and enjoyment to the game. It's a good break after a long battle with viruses.

    Like the graphics, Dr. Awesome's sound and musical background are also top-notch and well selected. And yes, they also tend to get repetitive at times. Ngmoco, the game developer could have made the game utilize your iPod music to have sound variety. Nevertheless, the game sound still helps in adding interest to the game, as well as in creating the mood of an adventure game for the iPhone. I would definitely not mind spending extra bucks to play iPhone games such as Dr. Awesome.

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    Our Verdict

    Dr. Awesome is certainly a great game to download and install on your iPhone. It's feature-rich and fun-filled like we said. It is certainly worth the $.99 price that you have to pay for it.

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    Photo credit

    Photo Credit: Screenshot of Dr. Awesome Game by ngmoco.