Star Command II Tips: The Repair Dock

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Star Command II takes the updated space opera theme to the coat hanger of a gaming design that PlayMesh has popularized. Inside of the Star Command II MMO text-based iPhone RPG design you can expect to go on missions, fight other Star Command II players, and even find a place to buy and use PlayMesh Points. As with the rest of them, you are going to find times when your Star Command II account has a diminished amount of health points. Inside Star Command II there is also a place where you can pay to heal yourself so that you can continue to complete the tasks of the day. Here are a few tips for the Star Command II Repair Dock.

Star Command II Repair Dock

The Repair Dock is really just a fancy hospital with a name inspired by television lore comparing healing to some type of intergalactic mechanics. When you are at the main Star Command II portrait view go ahead and select Repair Dock, which is under the banking System Vault and above PlayMesh. If you are in the horizontal Landscape view that gives you a geographic outlay of the solar system you will find the Star Command II Repair Dock at the bottom of the first panel below the Shipyard and the Traveler’s Conclave. Once inside you will have the opportunity to heal your Star Command II character. If you are at full health it will indicate in the center of the Star Command II Repair Dock that you do not need to visit the “mechanic.”

If you are at less than a hundred percent Star Command health then you will be allowed to purchase repairs. If you can use the repairs to your Star Command II account you will see a blue button in the middle that says Repair. Above that button your will see a Repair Cost that is relative to how much you actually need to repair yourself. The lower the health the higher the overall cash cost.

At the very top of the Star Command II Repair Dock you will see a Bank Balance listed in green text. This indicates how much Star Command II cash you have in the System Vault. You are only allowed to pay your bill at the Repair Dock with cash from the System Vault. You cannot just pay the Repair Dock with your free Star Command II cash. Make sure that the Repair Cost is not more than your Bank Balance; if you do you will not be able to reach the Repair Dock bill.

Repair Dock Tips

The best tip that you can have for the Star Command II Repair Dock is to use it seldom. It is very expensive and since you have to funnel money through the Star Command II System Vault you will also have to pay the deposit fee. This extra ten percent fee on your money is enough to turn you away. Only use the Star Command II Repair Dock later on when you want to get in a number of fights in sequence. If your Star Command II cash is a top priority then you should avoid the Repair Dock and let your account heal naturally.

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