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Fling iPhone Game Review

by: CBumeter ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The cutest creatures on the iPhone "fling" from your fingertips in this fun and addicting iPhone puzzle game.

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    When I first downloaded Fling from the iTunes application store, I really had no idea what it was. I knew it was some sort of puzzle game, but what caught my eyes, were the little furballs that covered the Fling title. Before I knew it, I was addicted to Fling, and why not, it is an easy concept, with very challenging puzzles that can keep you playing for a long time.

    The point of Fling is fairly simple. You have a game board, and on it are little furballs set up in different positions. Your goal is to get rid of all of the furballs on the board except for one. This may sound simple, but there's a catch. You have to roll the furballs into each other to send them flying off the board, but you cannot send a furball directly off the board. You also can't hit other furballs that are directly next to you. The point of the game is to gradually line up each furball's next move so that in the end, you have one final furball left. If the game sounds confusing, then fear not, because there is a great tutorial that is in the game to help you out.

    There are three game modes to choose from on the menu. You can play through the normal game by choosing arcade. In this mode, the level increases as you complete each board. You will see more and more furballs show up as the difficulty goes up. Challenge mode is similar to this, as you have to complete the boards. In challenge mode however, you do not keep track of a high score. The third mode is free play. This mode is time limit free, and it allows you to skip around to levels that you have already unlocked.

    All of the high scores you acquire are added to your personal best leaderboard, but there are also global leaderboards. Here you can see how you match up with the rest of the Fling world.

    The sound in Fling is done well, and it almost reminds me of something from The Sims. The sound effects consist of kooky little boings and spring sounds, but it adds to the feel of the game. A nice little touch by the developers CandyCane.

    My favorite thing about Fling is that you can choose what skill level you want to go through in each game mode. Along those lines though, easy will eventually become very hard. Hard will start hard and get insane, but it's nice to have that kind of challenge in a game. I always hate beating a game quickly and not ever feeling challenged.

    Fling is a fun paid game from the iTunes application. It is filled with cool little colorful furballs and tricky puzzles. Throw in fun sounds and you have a great iPhone puzzle game. Fling can be downloaded for $0.99 from the iTunes application store.

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