Kilimanjaro Review - Climb Your Way To The Top

Kilimanjaro Review - Climb Your Way To The Top
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(3 out of 5)

Kilimanjaro is an interesting little game involving wall and rock climbing. Your goal is to see how high you can climb; how many bonuses you can obtain; and in one mode, fighting the clock. It comes from creators Lucky3, who are taking their first stab at creating a game for the iPhone.

The controls for Kilimanjaro are pretty simple. You have your character, either Ivy or Eve, starting out on the wall. You will see a variety of colored ledges to grab. You simply drag one of their arms or legs to a nearby rock. You will hear a clicking noise each time you have locked on to a new grip. As you climb higher and higher, you will come across bonuses and rewards. Some of them stem from better grips; while others will give you time bonuses.

There are three game modes to choose from in the game. You have challenge, time attack and freestyle. Challenge is where you can take on a friend via Wifi or a bluetooth connection. Time attack will put you against the clock. You will have to try to reach the top of each wall before time runs out. Along the way you will come across things like the bonuses mentioned above. Finally, you have freestyle, which is exactly how it sounds. You have no time limit or any rules really, you just simply see how high you can climb.

You will notice that the higher you get, the better your attributes can become. You will find that some places will be reachable as you get higher, compared to previous obstacles when you were lower on the mountain. This is also attributed to some of the power ups.

The graphics in Kiliminjaro are nothing that spectacular. They aren’t bad, but they’re nothing that really catches the eye. You will also notice that some times your character is in awkward positions that would seem impossible to maintain a grip. These aren’t things that will hurt your enjoyment of the game, but you will notice some weird positions at times. I also would have liked to have some kind of background music playing while you’re climbing. All you hear are the clicks of your character grappling numerous ledges and occasionally power up noises.

The overall concept of the game is well done, and Lucky3 has done a good job for their first iPhone game. You are challenged to get as high as you can, and if it gets too easy, you can always boost it up to the harder levels.

Kilimanjaro is by no means a bad game. It will hold your interest for a decent amount of time. There is always the challenge of seeing how high you can climb in freestyle mode, but if you’re not a fan of trying to beat your best scores, then this might get old quick. For only $0.99 I say it is at least worth a try. Kilimanjaro can be downloaded from the iTunes application store.

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