iPhone Game Review: iPark it 2: Park the World Review

iPhone Game Review: iPark it 2: Park the World Review
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iPark it 2: Park the World - Features, Gameplay

If you’ve played the first iPark it game on your iPhone, the gameplay for this follow-up game is the same. If you’ve not played the game before, let me just tell you briefly that the game’s objective is simply to park cars in the shortest time and with the least number of tries possible. You drive the car towards a designated parking slot while avoiding obstacles along the way. A slight bump on the road will end your game, so be very careful when maneuvering cars.

The game features 40 levels like the first iPark it game. I was hoping that the developers would add some more levels as most of the levels are pretty easy to beat. Doubling the game levels would have been better. But as it is, those 40 levels are just about enough for you to enjoy and appreciate the merits of this game if you have not yet played the iPark it game. For experience players, iPark it 2 offers a decent challenge that is enough for you to enjoy the game.

Other noteworthy features of this game include - a self-centering screen and localized weather that changes to your current location. So when it rains in your current location, the game’s settings will be raining as well.

Overall, when it comes to gameplay and features, it’s still the same as the first iPark it game. So, you would either pick up this game and enjoy it also or, if you didn’t enjoy the first game, avoid it.

iPark it 2: Park the World - Graphics, Control, Sound

The game offers the same graphics and sound features as the first iPark it. Meaning, it’s still the same graphics quality with the same top-down game orientation. The whole game environment is nicely rendered just like the first game. The game’s sound effects, especially the crashing sound has been improved a bit and is now louder than the crashing sound effect in the first game.

Like the first game, iPark it 2 offers the same great control system. The gear stick is pretty easy to control and the car responds well to the forward and backward swiping movement of your finger. Steering the cars in the right direction is also great and the cars respond accurately.

Our Verdict

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But of course you might argue that considering that this is a follow-up game, the developers should have added some more levels otherwise it’s still the same iPark it game. And I couldn’t agree more with you. But like I said, if you’ve enjoyed the first game very much, you won’t really notice the fact that this second game is almost the same as the first one with nothing new to offer. It’s been a long time since I played the first game, so I was pretty excited to play this game and thankfully, it did not disappoint.

In other words, the game is great and offers enough fun and enjoyment to be worth buying. The fact that it only costs $0.99 is another reason we recommend this game for both veteran and new players of iPark it.

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