Original Gangstaz: Tips and Tricks for Building Your Account

Keep it Original

Original Gangstaz has taken and evolved the format started by iMob Online and continued it with games like Race or Die and Girl Wars

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Online. With Original Gangstaz the basic format of the text based iPhone MMORPG genre has been maintained as you develop a character and really initiate a social networking platform. With these new changes, players are going to have to get to know the new specifics of Original Gangstaz to really get back into the flow of what has made these games so wildly popular. Here is a look at some of the key tips that are going to make you successful in Original Gangstaz right from the start.

Original Gangstaz Friend Codes

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For those who have not played any text based iPhone MMORPGs, they run entirely on friend codes. Each player is given an Original Gangstaz friend code when they begin their account, and they use this to identify themselves. To complete later missions and win in battle you will need to create a large Original Gangstaz gang, and this can only be done by adding other players. There are a couple of ways of doing this, but the most efficient is to find and enter other player’s Original Gangstaz friend codes. What you should then do is make your Original Gangstaz friend code as public as you possibly can, even spreading it around on websites and using social networking tools that are dedicated to displaying Original Gangastaz friend codes. If you are successful at acquiring and sending out Original Gangstaz friend codes then you are going to see your numbers just jump, and this is going to be important right from the start.

Original Gangstaz Street Cred

Original Gangstaz builds on the Respect Points format that iMob Online used and in this case calls it Street Cred. Original Gangstaz Street

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Cred works in the same way as the Respect Point model. Cash is always going to be an important part of building up your income sources through investment right from the start, so focusing in on buying lotto with Original Gangstaz Street Cred is going to start this off well. Gang members should not be a main use of the Original Gangstaz Street Cred since the Original Gangstaz friend code system is so efficient that this would essentially be a waste. A Bling: Cash Counter will be a good use of your Original Gangstaz Street Cred if you plan on using the bank right away, but this is not going to be the first place where players want to put their money even if they are getting a 5% discount on the deposit fee. The different combo packages that are offered are going to give you a lot of different benefits, but since they cost such a lot of Original Gangstaz Street Cred it may be better to just avoid them in the long run. You can easily buy Original Gangstaz Street Cred with real money, but instead it may just be best to focus in on free Original Gangstaz Street Cred packages that will be available through updates and different offers.

Social Networking

Original Gangstaz really does offer you the ability to tie into social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, and this is going to be a great way to stay connected and to get free offers. You will often see that by connecting your Original Gangstaz account to Facebook you can get things like free Lotto Tickets, and this is going to be an easy way of getting more cash, as long as you do not mind it dominating much of your Facebook use. Since Original Gangstaz is essentially a game focused social network then it may be a good way to continually grow your account by staying in line with Facebook.