The Best Free iPhone RPGs At The iTunes App Store

The Best Free iPhone RPGs At The iTunes App Store
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Role Playing

As far as free iPhone games go, the gaming expectations have changed dramatically with the latest iPhone. The iPhone has the functionality to make high quality graphic gaming on the go possible, but the desire from iPhone users tends to be different than that of a sit down console. Instead, much of the preferred model is quick blasts of gameplay that will fit the back and forth use of the cellular phone. This is difficult for the long format RPG genre, that often requires involved characters and long bouts of gameplay. To remedy this, developers have branched off in a few different directions, some playing to the strengths of the technology to bring a standard RPG experience and others borrowing from more traditional RPGs, website, and social networking games. Still, other platforms bring in a whole new world of free iPhone RPGs. Here is a look at a few of the absolute best free iPhone RPGs that have populated the iTunes' App Store.

iMob Online

iMob Online really defined the text based iPhone MMO RPG genre, setting it up for dozens of games that have a rage of popularity. Since its success, if really defined by the number of players, iMob Online remains near the top of the list as it has maintained a constant set of updates and new players. iMob Online is essentially defined as a text RPG based around traditional RPGs where you live in terms of numbers and text achievements. On iMob Online you will complete criminal missions to get experience points and money. The money is used to purchase a constantly increasing number of weapons and tools, as well as to invest in property, which is where you will eventually get the most income. One of the main focuses of iMob Online that has included social networking features that was co-opted by the rest of this RPG sub-genre: the iMob Online Friend Code. iMob Online requires you to add other players to your account to complete upper level missions and really remain competitive at fighting with other players. You do not actually have to interact with any of these players, but in true social networking form you can simply send them little messages. Each player has an iMob Online Friend Code and you can enter in these iMob Online Friend Codes to add other players, which can be done in mass. The main connection around iMob Online is the constant spread of iMob Online Friend Codes, which dominate every amount of communication around the title. Like most of the text based iPhone MMO RPGs, iMob Online uses Respect Points which are purchased from The Godfather through the App Store and used to cheat your way through different parts of the game. The iMob Online Respect Points are a major part of the game only in that you will have to wait for any free iMob Online Respect Points as they are released. iMob Online, like the rest of The Godfather’s titles, gives out a lot of free iMob Online Respect Points to provoke players. As long as you maintain your character on a daily basis you will be able to rise through the iMob Online Ranks.

Tap Birds

Only in the loosely defined world of free iPhone RPGs would Tap Birds be considered a role playing game. The role you play is that of a


tropical bird owner and you go through all the rigor of keeping them alive. In true pet raising fashion, such as games like the creature raising Tap Fish, part of the gaming experience of Tap Birds involves really developing the environment into a permanently evolving virtual world. Your interaction with your Tap Bird is not just one of necessity, though you must purchase it items to feed it on a regular basis, but you are also required to give a little tap love. It’s less dirty than it sounds. What is really great about Tap Birds is that it really does allow for a complete customization of your situation, both in the bird and in its life.

World War v2.0


World War v2.0 is the next stage of the Storm8 gaming model also held by games like Racing Live, Kingdoms Live, and Rockstars Live. What this means is that World War v2.0 has taken the basic successes of the Storm8 design and has taken it forward. In its basic premise, it follows iMob Online in that you are focused into missions, you invest in a property system, and you will begin communing with other players. World War Alliance Codes, which serve the same purpose as iMob Online Respect Points, are possibly even more expansive. The World War Alliance Codes are also going to be long standing and your World War Alliance Code will be maintained even through the big World War update from the first to second versions. World War Honor Points are a similar system to the iMob Online Respect Points, but World War Honor Points will become even more integral to game play. For World War Honor Points, there are more options than in most games of the genre and you can use them for almost anything from renaming your character to getting free money to alter your stats. You can also expect free World War Honor Points on a regular basis, especially if you play any of their other titles.

Pocket Legend

Pocket Legend is a much more traditional action RPG, which strays from some of the other popular free iPhone RPGs. What Pocket Legend

pocketlegends 2.jpeg

provides is an MMO game that really brings together the obsessions that have become completely ingrained in the culture with titles like World of Warcraft. You develop your character in the traditional level based format where you need to dial into acquiring weapons right from the start. The graphics remain a little choppy, but for a large network like this on the iPhone, Pocket Legend is far above the competition. Hopefully Pocket Legend will maintain itself so that the network grows and becomes a staple.