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Guide to Adding World War Friends

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a guide to adding friends to your Alliance in World War.

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    World War IV

    World War, as an interesting incarnation of the Live series, has many of the same principles that you need to look to when trying to get on top. This means adding other players to your World War account as recruited allies to gain numbers in your fights and complete war missions. Here is an easy guide to adding friends to your World War account.

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    Alliance Codes

    When you are at the base World War menu go to the far right of the bottom task bar and select Recruit. Once this is open you will have a few tabs you can select from. The Recruit tab is immediately open and at the top is your Alliance Code listed. You can use these codes to add people directly, so you want to begin giving your code out as much as possible. There are already web communities dedicated to this, and there will likely be iPhone applications coming soon to answer this problem as well. It is important to be unrestrictive about giving out your Alliance Code. My Alliance Code is N2MRNT, so add me freely.

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    Contacts List

    Below your Alliance Code is a box where you can enter other people’s Alliance Code. Though this is the best way to add people to your account there are still open options below this. Directly below the location where you can enter Alliance Codes you can choose to Invite Friends from your Contact List. If you select this you are just taken to your Contact List where you can then send invitations to other iPhone owners in your Contacts List. This is not usually a great way to get a high volume of friends as only a fraction of them will have an iPhone.

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    Alliance and Broadcast

    The second tab you can select is the Alliance tab, which lists all of those people who are now part of your set Alliance. Once you accept their request, or they accept yours, they will be listed in this tab. The final tab to the right is the Broadcast tab where you can type up a bulletin that is then sent to your entire Alliance. This is a good way to communicate if you have a large Alliance.