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Cheating With Storm8

World War is another one of the popular MMO titles in the Storm8 Live series. These games utilize a simple format that hails back to the dice rolling basement RPG antics of the early 1980s. With this, you progress through text action, performing missions, making investments, and fighting other players. One aspect that is universal through Storm8’s contribution is the inclusion of certain types of cheat points. These cheat points are purchased from Storm8 and then used to buy certain things in the game that you would normally just have to wait out. World War is no different from this and has its own cheat points in the form of Honor Points. Here are some tips for cheating with World War Honor Points.

Buying Honor Points

When you are in the World War Home menu go to the left hand column and select President, which is under Buildings and above Vault. Here is where you can purchase and spend World War Honor Points within the game. At the top, it will list how many World War Honor Points are in your account.

Below this are different options for spending your World War Honor Points. If you scroll to the very bottom of the screen, you will find a few different options for buying World War Honor Points. If you hit one of the Buy It Now buttons to the right of one of these you will be taken to that World War Honor Points package page at the App Store. Purchase and download these Honor Points as you would with any pay iPhone application, and once it is on your iPhone desktop just open it. This will open your World War account and the Honor Points will then be present.

Free Honor Points

World War continues to be popular largely because of how often Storm8 releases free Honor Points for it. Inside the World War President there are already several options for getting free Honor Points. In between where you spend World War Honor Points and where you buy them are several offers; many of them are free Honor Points.

You can collect twenty free Honor Points buy downloading Zombies Live 20 Loyalty. Another twenty free Honor Points are yours if you go with Vampires Live 60 Loyalty. You can get an additional twenty for installing Rockstars Live 60 Reward. These free Honor Points are enough to make it reasonable to play the rest of these Storm8 games, which is the best tip that can be given.

Not only this but all of these games play into each other, so expect even more free Honor Points if you play all and keep up on them well. There are often updates and promotional offers of free Honor Points for World War at the App Store, so keep posted. At almost all times there is at least one set of free Honor Points available here for World War.

Quick World War Tips

When you are actually spending these World War Honor Points to cheat you have to use them in directed ways. Focus in on money instead of refills, and since it is easy to add people to your army that should be a second thought. The best way to do this is to use money early on and if you are in later levels use energy refills so that you can complete missions.

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