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Guide to the World War Restore Feature

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for healing yourself in the World War Restore function.

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    Natural Healing

    Though your character in World War will automatically heal itself over time, it also includes the ability to pay to heal your character, which is directly in line with the expectations for MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. The general cannon of these free iPhone games are similar in their basic presentation. One of these features is always a hospital function, and the World War incarnation is fairly standard to the Storm8 development team. Here are some tips for using the World War Restore.

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    World War Restore

    If you want to heal yourself in the World War Restore just select Restore from the left hand column, which was also under the Vault and above Loot. If your account is unharmed already, the only thing that will be in the World War Restore screen will be a sentence that reads "You are at full health already." Once you are at less than full health from Battle you will be able to use the World War Restore. You will have a little line at the top of the screen explaining what the Restore does and then a button below that says "Restore for" and the price of the Restore. This price changes with how much you have to heal up in your World War account.

    You are going to have to have money in the World War Vault to be able to use the Restore at all. You cannot pay for the World War Restore with cash you have on hand, you must use the money from the World War Vault.

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    Restore Tips

    The World War Restore function is doubly expensive as you have to pay for both the Restore as well as the ten percent deposit fee for the Vault. This makes the World War Restore a difficult proposition for most players who need to conserve money. Since your account will heal itself, you should usually just let it restore on its own, free. This should not be used early on, especially since the main reason to heal yourself at the World War Restore is to continue with Battles. Early on your Stamina will not be large enough to complete a large number of sequential Battles.