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World Wars Popularity and Free Honor Points

World War has consistently been one of the most popular of all the Storm8 free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, partially because of all the free World War Honor Points they offer. Besides the free World War Honor Points, the Storm8 title seems to speak to an audience and its design allows for an increased level of involvement.

This detailed type of gameplay is a signature of Strom8’s design for their free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, and the World War theme allows this to be experienced by a specific subset of the iPhone population. World War also allows you to customize some of the interface features, and it allows you to do most of this without spending any of your free World War Honor Points.

World War Settings

When you are at the main World War Home screen select Settings, which at the very bottom of the right hand column under Updates. Once in the World War Settings you are going to see three tabs at the top: General, Storm8, and Blocked List. If you are in the General tab of the World War Settings you will see the ability to turn off the Sound, Vibration, and Intro Animation. If you hit Storm8 at the top of the World War Settings then you will be given the option to transfer your World War account to another device.

This World War account transfer obviously has to be to another device that supports World War, which is a different iPhone or iPod Touch. The Blocked List, which is the last option in the World War Settings sub list, will just give a list of other World War players that you blocked.

World War Tips

The main World War Settings in the General tab can all be turned off without affecting your gameplay. If you want to play more discreetly then it is not a bad idea to turn off sound and vibration. The opening animation is nice, but just makes loading World War longer and therefore more of a commitment when you are trying to check it quickly.

The World War account transfer is a very nice feature, but a whole process in and of itself. You really should only go through the World War account transfer process if you are getting rid of the iPhone or iPod Touch you have. The World War Blocked List is something you should avoid all together. It is not a great idea to block any World War players as the larger your army the better. Be as welcoming as you can to other World War players, unless they target you constantly. This may be the rare case that you can add them to your World War Blocked List.

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