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Guide to the Bank or Vault in World War

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a guide and some tips for the World War Vault.

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    Stealing in World War

    World War is just as competitive as any of the MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, even though Storm8 released it with so many complexities as it applies to personal character development. The progression of your own character in World War is very in-depth, especially as development is characterized by small allowances for most levels. As you level up in World War through Missions you will see more and more things allowed, yet Battles between World War players is still a major aspect of gameplay.

    One thing that the Battles section of World War does is leave your finances open to be stolen by other players. The way to avoid that is to put it into the World War Vault.

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    World War Vault

    When you are at the World War Home screen, select Vault from the left hand column, which is under the President and above Restore. The World War Vault is relatively similar to the banking system of other Storm8 games. At the top your will see your Vault Balance, which is just the dollar amount that you have saved in the World War Vault. Below that, you will have a text prompt where you can enter a dollar amount that you want to deposit into the World War Vault.

    All deposits into the World War Vault has a ten percent fee, which just takes ten percent of your total deposit. Once you have a balance in your World War Vault you can withdraw money for free. If you want to use the World War Restore section to heal your World War character, you have to have money in the World War Vault. You can only use Vault Balance for the Restore and not any spare cash you have in your account.

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    World War Tips

    The deposit fee for the World War Vault is less than most MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, but it is still present. This adds an extra, and almost unnecessary, cost to using the World War Vault. You do need it to use the World War Restore so you should have a little bit of money in there, but otherwise you should avoid it unless you are being attacked constantly.