Play RPG Games on Facebook: Goblin Wars Review

Play RPG Games on Facebook: Goblin Wars Review
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Game Basics (3 out of 5)

There are many text-based rpg games on Facebook and Goblin Wars is another game in that category. Players can take part in hundreds of missions for coins and experience at thee expense of energy points. Players can battle other Facebook players in the game by clicking on the battle screen. You can own property in the game to bring in additional income for your character. View your statistics and upgrade your attributes to make your player more powerful. Players need to buy pieces of gear to complete many of the missions in the game. Recruit your Facebook friends to join your horde and help you win more battles against other players in the game.

Missions and Game Items (3 out of 5)

Goblin Wars

As you play the game, you’ll gain access to more missions. Some missions require you to buy certain items such as a dagger or other weapon to complete the task. Other missions require the aid of a horde member which is a Facebook friend playing the game. From the mission screen, you can view literally hundreds of missions, which will keep the average player busy for quite some time. The problem with missions is that they are very boring and you’ll quickly grow tired of repeating the same tasks. You won’t find any graphics with your missions just a listing of the equipment you need to complete it. You can master missions and do multiple levels but this adds nothing to the tired game play. As you play, more items will appear in your inventory that you can buy to help in the competition of your missions.

Battles (3 out of 5)

When you tire of the missions, you can of course battle other players, which is a standard in these types of text-based rpgs on the social networking site. This process however doesn’t add anything new to your game since the battle is over automatically with a bit of text telling you what happened. You can add the player to a dead zone where other players can attack them for a reward. The only good thing about the battles is the game sets you up with players at your level for a fair fight. If they happen to have more horde members, you’ll probably lose the match.

Graphics/Sound (1 out of 5)

Goblin Wars

Text-based Facebook games should at least have some decent graphics to get players excited about playing the game. With Goblin Wars, all you get is a green screen and some token graphics of the weapons. This won’t get you excited about playing since there is nothing to look at and there is no story at all to the game. Text-based games don’t usually have any sound so that is fine but on the graphics side the game is terrible. There are far better games that do the same thing as Goblin Wars that look much better on Facebook.

Interface/Multiplayer (2 out of 5)

Goblin Wars

The interface of the game would be fine if everything wasn’t green in color. This makes it hard to see exactly where you are in the game. When you click on the main menus, the game reloads itself treating you to a white screen for a few seconds. You can play the multiplayer portion of the game and even view the top players from the ranks screen. Players get awards for completing missions and doing other tasks but even this isn’t very rewarding.

Overall Game Play and Conclusion (1 out of 5)

There is nothing to get excited about with Goblin Wars. The green screen is the only real graphic in the game and it makes all the text hard to read. Missions are straightforward and extremely boring to complete and you do them repeatedly. There is no game map to explore and nothing to keep you playing unless you want to battle other players in the game. Players who want a decent RPG experience even a text-based one won’t find it with this mediocre Facebook title that fails on all fronts. Goblin Wars isn’t recommended since there are far better titles on Facebook that do the same thing and offer a better game play experience.


All images from Goblin Wars.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Goblin Wars on Facebook.