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A New Monster

Rockstars Live follows the trail set up by Undead Live and Mafia Live but this time follows the legendary path of a new rock god attempting to make it in the major corporate music industry. In an effort to channel the success of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, Rockstars Live is composed of a synergy of industry clichés and text based RPG fare. Though it has familiar elements, it still takes special care to make your Rockstars Live account work for you.


The first thing you have to do when you begin Rockstars Live is immediately begin the tutorial. This tutorial will be set up in panels at the top of the screen, barking out commands step-by-step. This tutorial will end up being the best way to get to know the game intuitively and it can happen quickly. You will go through functions such as practicing, buy new gear, and even travel around. If you have to insist on doing it on your own you can select to Skip Tutorial in the panel.

Band Codes

You are going to need friends for support in your endeavors, especially in Battle. To begin adding friends go to the Recruit tab on the right hand side of the lower task bar. You will be taken to a window with your Band Code posted on the top and a window to Invite Using Band Code for other players. This is where you will be entering people’s Band Codes when you get them to add them to your Rockstars Live account. Make your Band Code as prolific as possible because you want the absolute largest entourage as possible. My Band Code is P1SRM, so add freely. Directly below the Band Code section is the Invite Using Contacts option, which is not usually as reliable for adding large numbers.


When it comes to Promotions you are going to need to purchase early. Promotions make your band successful, later giving you a financial return. This is the Rockstars Live version of property but do not need a base property to build on. What this means is you can begin purchasing them earlier and for cheaper. Start buy Promotions right from the first play. You start off with ten promotional Agent Favor points. Use them to get $4,000 and then use that for flyer and MySpace promotion.

For more tips, read about how to use your Rockstar Live reward points effectively.

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