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The Bank ends up being a defying feature of all MMO text-based iPhone RPGs that come out of the Storm8 camp. Rockstars Live, just as the rest of them, provides the Bank as a place to safe guard your money against other players. As other Rockstars Live players can challenge you in a rock Battle and take your hard earned dollars the Bank gives you an out to protect it. This is not always the best option, but one that creates an entire dynamic with your virtual Rockstars Live earnings. Here are some tips on using, or not using, the Rockstars Live Bank.

Rockstars Live Bank

When you are at the Rockstars Live Home screen, select Bank from the right hand column. This lies just under My Profile and directly above Therapy. If you have played any of the other Storm8 MMO text-based iPhone RPGs then this interface will be familiar to you. Though it is similar to those in other MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, there is still a certain amount of difference and response to situation that occurs in the Rockstars Live Bank. Once in the Rockstars Live Bank you are going to see your Bank Balance right at the top. Below that will be a single text box if you are new, or two if you already have a balance in the Rockstars Live Bank. The top one in this situation will be the Withdrawal Amount box, while the bottom one will be the Deposit Amount one. When you deposit money into the Rockstars Live Bank a ten percent fee will be taken out of all that money. All withdrawals can be made from the Rockstars Live Bank free of charge.

Rockstars Live Tips

The truth is that the ten percent deposit fee scars the Rockstars Live Bank and makes it of much less use. The ten percent fee is less than the normal current in MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, though this is not enough to make it useful. The main reason to use the Rockstars Live Bank is that you have to use your Bank Balance to pay to heal in the Rockstars Live Therapy. This Rockstars Live Therapy system requires that you use only Bank money and not any of your spare cash. This fact should help you decide whether you really want to use the Rockstars Live Therapy option or not .

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