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    • Why Disco Lovers Should Play the Abba SingStar Pack for PlayStation 3
      If you never grew out of the disco age, then perhaps you’ll enjoy reliving it by singing ABBA songs on PlayStation 3’s SingStar. The ABBA pack features 25 disco hits from Sweden’s famous foursome that are perfect for a playing at a party or family reunion – or by yourself!
    • Frets on Fire for Windows Review: An Open Source Guitar Hero clone for the PC
      The idea of letting users create and play their own Guitar Hero Style songs seems like a good idea, but the Windows version of the game suffers from some design flaws that make it nearly unplayable.
    • Band Hero Review (Xbox 360)
      Having focused on rock music for a number of years with the Guitar Hero series, in November 2009 Activision released a new game to please fans of pop music; Band Hero.
    • How to Sing Abba Karaoke on PlayStation 3
      Want to sing some Abba karaoke without going to a karaoke bar and singing in front of random people you don’t know? Then sing Abba karaoke in the comfort of your own home with the Abba SingStar pack for PlayStation 3.
    • Facebook Games: Rock Age
      Rock Age combines strategy browser based game play and adds a touch of Facebook farming. Build armies, use technology, and produce crops for extra gold with Rock Age the ancient era war game on Facebook.
    • DJ Mix Station3 Review for PC: Be the Next Paul van Dyke!
      DJ Mix Station 3 is for those aspiring DJs who love to dabble with music files but can't spend thousand of bucks on costly equipment. The free DJ Mix Station software allows amateur DJs and pros away from their gear the opportunity to mix songs and add sound effects to create great sets.
    • Find Your Own Way Home – Rock Star Puzzle Game
      Taking advantage of the PC game platform, rock veterans REO Speedwagon's Find Your Own Way Home album has been reinterpreted as a "hidden object" video game!
    • PS3 Band Hero Tips and Cheats: Sing and Play and Cheat
      Band Hero not only looks great on the PS3, it will make you look great when joining in with the singers and musicians who populate the BH world. Are you good enough to join them? Knowing what to do and how to do it (cheating) will get you to Band Hero heaven.
    • Bundle Up for the Band with Nintendo DS Band Hero
      Like to play with others? How about jamming on an instrument or singing lead vocal for the band? Band Hero turns your Nintendo DS into a portable band, complete with customized guitar grip and drum kit. Now hit those top 40 songs...hard!
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