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Sing As Freddie Mercury in SingStar Queen for PS3

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

SingStar Queen is a Queen fans dream and includes 25 Queen songs performed by the legendary Freddie Mercury. They included a small selection of orchestrated Queen songs that will rock your senses, but the controls and game play mechanics all work to entertain you.

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    The Best Parts of SingStar Queen

    Sing Star Queen for the Playstation 3 

    SingStar Queen (the newest SingStar PS3 game) is a great video game for letting you live your musical singing dreams virtually. Put a little time and effort into learning the simple concepts and game play of SingStar Queen and you'll soon feel like the singing star you always wanted to be.

    The amazing and fantastic sounds of the orchestrated musical score included with SingStar Queen rocks the senses with tunes that have provided music lovers with thousands of hours of entertainment. The singing of the iconic Freddie Mercury never sounded better as he belts out all your favourite Queen songs in SingStar Queen.

    The singing game play in SingStar Queen was better than the singing elements included with popular video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. You can belt out the high notes as only Freddie Mercury can in 25 popular Queen songs and strut across the stage to the screams of your fans.

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    The Parts of SingStar Queen That Need Improvement

    SingStar Queen is one of those great PS3 games for living your singing dreams, but figuring out how to do the harmony segments of the songs is difficult and takes practice.

    SingStar Queen doesn't ship with any online playability or content to add to the entertainment of singing as Freddie Mercury. This omission is something that definitely brings down the playability of SingStar Queen and the entertainment value of playing it over and over. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have an advantage over SingStar Queen in this area of game play options.

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    The Graphical Presentation

    Freddie Mercury looks and sings like the star you remember and loved in SingStar Queen. He struts across the on screen stage while singing "Another One Bites the Dust". You'll laugh out loud and your party will be energized as he winks his eye at you while he prances across the screen dressed as a housewife.

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    Sing Star Queen rocks the air wavesSing Star Queen lets you sing your heart out
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    Sounds in the Game

    All the Queen songs you love are here, accept for the first two Queen albums, which is a bummer. The 25 Queen songs included are some of the finest sounding tunes you're going to hear during a video game production. You'll rock to Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Another One Bites the Dust, Fat Bottomed Girls and 21 other iconic Queen tunes.

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    SingStar Queen is a very entertaining production that has a limited amount of playability because it only includes a small selection of 25 songs to sing. Once you have played and sung the included Queen songs, there isn't anything else to do, accept sing them again. You do need to focus when singing the songs, especially if you're playing with a friend. Songs like Bohemian Rhapsody feature complex, multi-tracked harmonies and SingStar Queen's simple Karaoke style interface will take getting use to. You have to sing along with the songs, trying to hit the right pitch and length of note, and then you're scored on your performance. You can play by yourself or with up to 7 friends in SingStar Queen's local multiplayer option. The multiplayer option includes duets, head to head singing battles, and face-offs between 2 teams of up to 4 players or more.

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    The Final Word

    SingStar Queen is the best singing video game I have played and beats Guitar Hero and Rock Band for entertaining singing game play in all areas. SingStar Queen is suitable for both hardcore singing fans, music playing gurus and even casual gamers who love the songs and singing of Freddie Mercury and always wanted to prevent they could sing as only he could.