Facebook Games: Rock Age Review - Games like Evony

Facebook Games: Rock Age Review - Games like Evony
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Rock Age Basics (4 out of 5)

Rock Age

Rock Age is a browser based war game and is one of the many games like Evony you’ll find on Facebook. This game has the typical resources of food, wood, stone, iron and gold which need to be developed for your city to advance. Rock Age also throws a twist at you giving you an area of your city where you can do farming tasks much like Farmville. Here you grow crops and harvest them for extra gold for your civilization. The crops part of the game is very simple but it’s a new twist to this genre. Players can also develop technology in their institute to help them advance through the game. Heroes can be hired to lead armies to victory on the game map. Numerous quests an be taken for experience and other rewards.

Rock Age Structures (4 out of 5)

Rock Age features the same type of basic structure you’ll find in similar games. You have barracks, stables and rally points for troops. A beacon tower as your early warning system and walls for defense. Your city is governed at your town center where you can levy resources or raise taxes and see all the other cities you currently own. The institute gives you the ability to research technology such as those for economic purposes or ones to improve your army and unlock new units. The warehouse can store your extra resources while the hero club is where you’ll find heroes to recruit to your cause.

Game Economy (4 out of 5)

Rock Age

Rock Age works like many other browser based war games and uses food, wood, stone, and iron as the economic base. You’ll find plots to place these structures outside your city and building more cottages inside your city will allow for more population to work your mines and fields. Each of these structures can be upgraded for larger production and technology can be used to further increase output. Rock Age adds a new twist and gives you the ability to improve the amount of gold you have by giving you a ranch to farm crops with. Once you harvest your crops you can sell them for additional gold reserves.

Your Armies (3 out of 5)

The game features many of the typical units including spearmen, archers, militia, scouts, swordsmen, catapults, battering rams, and ballista. Units in the game have a stone age appearance but nothing else that really distinguishes them other games similar to this one. Heroes can be used to lead armies into battle and they have statistics you can improve upon so they fight better. A hero can also be appointed chief to improve the economy of your city while any other heroes you have can fight with your armies. As they fight they will gain experience points.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Rock Age is fun to play and the map is colorful with cities that are large and easy to see. Overall this game plays like many of the other games like Evony you’ll find online.The game offers plenty of technologies to research, units to build and the farming aspect of the game is a new twist on this type of browser based game. The game is still in beta but should improve over time and is worth checking out if you like browser based war games.