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My Tribe on Facebook is BigFish’s first attempt at the social gaming sector, and it offers more complicated game play than most of its counterparts. Players control a small island of people who live, have children, and build things using the game’s AI. They can also grow old and die leaving players to mourn their favorite tribe members. On each island, tribe members have three mysteries to solve, and part of the strategy for earning trophies is to solve as many mysteries as possible. There are eight total mysteries to solve. This guide focuses on helping players solve these mysteries quickly and efficiently. Please note that several spoilers will follow, and they are listed from easiest to hardest.

Celestial Starstone

The Celestial Starstone mystery looks like a rock with an star shape carved into it. You need at least four (4) stars to complete this mystery, so do not start until you have them. All you need to do to solve the mystery is to use a star on any tribe member. Then drop that tribe member onto the stone and immediately drop two (2) stars on the stone. If the mystery is not solved, quickly drop a third star on the stone. As soon as you begin dropping stars, the counter begins to fill the hollow space with yellow. When the star space is completely filled with yellow, the mystery is completed.

BENEFIT: Stardust will drop more quickly on the specific island. The benefits are lost when the tribe moves to a new island.

Celestial Moonstone

Celestial MoonStone Facebook My Tribe

The Celestial Moonstone mystery looks like a large rock with a moon shape carved into it. (It looks just like the Celestial Starstone mystery except it has a moon space instead of a star space.) You need at least four moons to complete this mystery, and moondust is harder to come by than stardust. They usually drop once every fifteen minutes. Once you have your moondust, simply drop one on any tribe member. Drop the tribe member onto the mystery rock, and then drop moondust onto the rock until the shape fills with blue. Be quick because it will start depleting as soon as you drop the first moondust on the rock. You should not need to drop more than three unless you are very, very slow.

BENEFIT: Moondust will drop more frequently on your island. The benefits are lost when the tribe moves to a new island.

Ancient Stone

The Ancient Stone mystery looks like a large rock with a trilobite fossil on it. To solve the puzzle, you must have one tribe member with a fifteen (15) in rock gathering and a tribe member with a fifteen in the science skill. Drop both tribe members on the fossil and solve the mystery.

BENEFIT: Your tribe will receive 100,000 science points. Make sure that you have upgraded the science station at least once in order to hold all those science points before solving the puzzle. Otherwise, they will be wasted.

Childrens’s Moai

My Tribe on Facebook Moai Head

The Children’s Moai mystery looks like an Easter Island head with a ring of empty stone urns around it. If at all possible, start on an island with this mystery. It is much easier to solve sooner rather than later. To solve the mystery, ten babies must be dropped onto the mystery. As each child is dropped, a colorful flower will sprout in one of the empty urns. When all urns are filled, the mystery is solved. Since it costs more and more feathers for each child, the cost for finishing this mystery soon becomes prohibitive if you have had any tribal members breed. It’s best to start on this one early or wait to breed until you are on an island with this mystery.

BENEFIT: Any babies dropped on the mystery after it is solved will have higher skills.

Cornucopia Bush

The Cornucopia Bush mystery looks like a dead bush with one pink petal dangling from it. It can be brought back to life by a single member who has both a 15 in agriculture and a 15 in science. Simply drop a tribe member with those skills on the bush and watch it bloom. Use of clothing and gems are vital in solving this mystery quickly.

BENEFIT: You receive some new seeds for solving this mystery.

Fountain of Youth


The Fountain of Youth mystery looks like an empty and cracked fountain, and it can be solved by dropping a member of the tribe member who has a twenty (20) in the science skill and is at least 65 years old onto the fountain. This will activate the fountain, but moondust cannot be used to age a member to 65. After 60, moondust begins to make them younger.

BENEFIT: Tribe members dropped on the solved mystery become immortal.

Iron Oxide Monolith

The Iron Oxide Monolith mystery looks like a blue, jagged rock with a splash of red on the bottom. It can be solved by dropping a member who has both a 15 in construction and a 15 in science. Use clothing and gems to solve this mystery quickly.

BENEFIT: Tribe members who use tools will do their work faster.

The Ever Tree

Ever Tree My Tribe

The Ever Tree mystery looks like a tree stump with a blue glow in the middle. It is probably the hardest mystery to solve. It requires a tribe member with 70 strength which can be obtained by a combination of clothes, gems, and training to be a tribal elder. (A tribal elder is a tribe member whose skills are trained equally. Each time all stats are raised, the tribal elder can also increase physical or mental strength permanently.) To finish this fast, the purchase of shoes and hats from the pearl shop may be necessary. Once you get a tribe member to 70 strength, wait until a rainstorm occurs. While it is still raining, drop your tribe member onto the stump.

BENEFIT: The Ever Tree can never be chopped down. It will provide wood forever.

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