My Tribe on Facebook Beginner's Guide

My Tribe on Facebook Beginner's Guide
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Introduction - My Tribe on Facebook

My Tribe, BigFish’s second venture into social network gaming known as Facebook, allows players to run an island full of inhabitants who work, play, and have children. The title was originally released as a single-player time management game on BigFish, but it was recently released as My Tribe on Facebook. Friends become neighbors who help you gather feathers, shells, and other items to help your tribe flourish and grow. My Tribe differs from other Facebook games and distinguishes itself with in-depth game play that cannot be found in most of the click-and-spam applications that call themselves games on Facebook. You will not find yourself scouring over updates in order to get needed items, nor will you need to send message after message to your friends and neighbors begging for items. Best of all, you will not have thousands of annoying pop-ups that interrupt gameplay. Last but not least, neighbors truly help each other without artificial limitations, and the quality of play far surpasses much of the competition.

Picking an Island - My Tribe on Facebook

When you first create, you will have to choose an island. This is simply done by scrolling through all the various islands that exist and clicking on the one you choose. Most experienced players suggest starting on an island with a Moai head. This is the large stone head surrounded by ten small stone pots, and it is considered one of the mysteries to be solved in My Tribe on Facebook. Getting this as a mystery on your first island is preferred because having children is easy at the beginning of the game but becomes progressively harder later on. Some also prefer to have Celestial Moonstone on their starting island. This mystery looks like a large blue stone with a moon carving on it. Solving it makes moondust drop faster than normal.

Begin Building

My Tribe on Facebook hut

Once you pick your island, you will have four adults and two children. Immediately pick a physically strong islander to begin construction of a grass hut. Then assign one islander to chop wood while another one gathers stone. Use the last adult to help with the hut. Then immediately go around your island and begin looking for shells to gather. Most importantly, find the one stork feather on your island. You will need it to begin breeding. Once you find it, your hut should be done. Pick a female islander and a male islander. Drop one on top of another one, and they should go to a hut and produce your first islander baby. Then go ahead and finish the tutorial.

Keep an Eye on Events - Facebook My Tribe


In the bottom left hand corner of the play screen right above your list of neighbors, a small stone button with a timer on it exists. This is the events button, and it keeps track of all major events on the island. These events include mushroom growths, stardust, moondusts, crop growth and special crates. These happen at regular intervals and should be monitored during active play. Crates are vital for recipes and seeds, so try to hit these as often as possible. They will always spawn in one corner of your map, so you can always find them. Something is always happening on My Tribe on Facebook, so keep your eyes open.

Gather Your Resources - Facebook My Tribe

Scattered around your island are shells of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Pick these up whenever you can find them because they give you 1 experience point (xp), and they also serve as an important resource that you can use to create dyes, gems, and buildings. You can also go to your neighbors’ islands and gather shells and feathers there. Be sure that you gather the one feather that spawns on your neighbors’ islands every day. These are vital for populating your island. In addition, grabbing a feather from your neighbors’ islands will give you one and your neighbor one as well. Having lots of active neighbors can make your life much, much easier.

Build Up Your Science Points

As soon as you are able to do so, build a Science Station for your tribe. You need 15 rocks and 15 wood to do so, and you may assign an islander to the station right away. They will begin earning science points for you which is vital for your island’s progress. Farming and Architecture should be among the first things trained. They will allow you to plant crops and build advanced buildings which allow you to store more resources. These should be easily obtained by simply having a few islanders focus on gaining science points for a while.


My Tribe on Facebook crops

Put down several farms at once. They are free, and you should be able to put down several plots. Place them close together so that your agriculture islander does not have to run all over the island to tend to the crops. Start by growing straw. You will get 1 XP and 1 straw per harvest, and each harvest comes at 4 minutes. This is a fast way to make XP, and straw is extremely valuable for building your ark, which gets you to the next island. You can also grow carrots which is the fastest way to obtain food on the island. Each carrot bunch takes 5 minutes to grow, and they produce 40 units of food apiece. You can also send an islander off to fish. You can also use the Agriculture tab to plant saplings. This replenishes trees that you chop down in your never-ending quest for resources.

Neighbors - Free My Tribe on Facebook

Neighbors are great to have on My Tribe on Facebook. They can help you collect shells and feathers. Every time they come to your island and pick up shells or feathers, you also get everything they gather. They can even find moondust and stardust for you in addition to mushrooms. Make sure that you are a good neighbor and search the island well for items. Your neighbors can also fertilize your garden plots. This keeps you from having to tend them to prevent them from dying.

One of the best things about My Tribe on Facebook is that you never really have to search for other people who are playing. If any of your friends are playing, they automatically show up in your neighbor tab. Your only challenge becomes getting the rest of your friends to play.

Pearls and Leveling

My Tribe on Facebook Leveling

For each level that your island gains, you get a pearl, and pearls are used to buy special items from the pearl shop. Experienced players strongly recommend saving your pearls to buy shoes and hats as these recipes are nearly impossible to find in game. You level by gaining XP from picking up items or crafting items. Your islanders can also level over time and by using stardust. Simply drop stardust onto your islander. He or she will receive 10 XP, and so will you. You can use Moondust to make islanders older or younger. They must be 14 to work, so sometimes, it is a good idea to get them started early.

Conclusion - Free My Tribe on Facebook

Last but not least, make liberal use of the Map button. You can use it to gather the resources around your island. It will show the position of crates, feathers, stars, and moons with a simple click. Moons and stars last between 30 seconds and 1 minute after they drop, so be quick about getting them. Do not forget to grab relics during rain storms as well. They are needed for some of the more advanced dye and clothing recipes. With these beginner tips, My Tribe on Facebook is easy to learn and fun to play. For more advanced and in-depth strategies, please see our other guides on Bright Hub.

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