Facebook Game Review: My Tribe - Build your tribe with this top Facebook game

Facebook Game Review: My Tribe - Build your tribe with this top Facebook game
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My Tribe Game Basics (4 out of 5)

You start My Tribe by picking an island for your small band of villagers to call home. Game play revolves around building up your island paradise, researching science, and expanding your population with the stork. Each adult villager can also be skilled in a certain discipline such as rock gathering or agriculture. A science station will allow you to research such things as better farming or architecture for new buildings. Villagers can be assigned tasks such as rock mining, wood gathering, or tending a field. You can collect shells, mushrooms, open crates, and pickup stardust to help your civilization advance. Once you build an ark new islands will become available for colonization. There is enough content in My Tribe to make it one of the top Facebook games.

My Tribe Villagers (4 out of 5)

My Tribe

The heart of My Tribe is your villagers. You have adults that do tasks and children which don’t do anything except wander around until they are fourteen and can be assigned work. Each villager can be assigned a task such as fishing, rock mining, tending a farm, or gathering wood. Each villager can be upgraded in that task periodically with skill points. A villager that has points in every disciple can become a village elder. You can expand your population if you have enough stork feathers. These will drop onto your island periodically and your adults can then go to a hut and well you know. To start this process simply drag an adult of the opposite sex over another adult and they will find the nearest hut with a baby coming out a few minutes later. Once the children reach age fourteen you can put them to work doing tasks but until that time they are quite useless. Your villagers will grow old and die so be sure to have enough villagers to keep your supplies going.

Structures (4 out of 5)

You have several structures in the game with the kitchen available to you at the beginning for food preparation. You can build several different huts, a science station, shipyard, storehouses, and the ark to explore new islands. You will need a hut or two for your population followed by storehouses for excess food, stone, and wood. Many structures will require shells as well as stone and wood which you can find lying around on the beaches of your island. The shipyard and ark will take plenty of resources so be sure to upgrade your storehouses to hold the materials.

Science (4 out of 5)

My tribe

A big part of My Tribe is your science so one of the first buildings you will want to build is the science station. Each technology will take science points so be sure to have one villager training science so your science station gets more points. The structure itself will produce science points slowly over time. As you complete quests you will get additional science points from some of them.

My Tribe Events (5 out of 5)

On your island certain events will occur such as a crate washing up near the island, a mushroom appearing, or a stork feather falling to earth. Each of these events provide bonuses to your tribe or are used to craft items you can use. For example, stardust can provide your villagers with additional bonus experience points, the crate gives you a casino spin for a free item and the stork feather allows you to make more villagers. At the bottom left is the events icon which gives you the time required for the next event. Look around your island to find the event item.

My Tribe Crafting and Resources (5 out of 5)

My Tribe

My Tribe has items you can craft including such things as clothing, structures and dyes. Each crafting item will take raw resources and sometimes an event item like a mushroom. You will need to discover the recipe for different items which will occur when you level up or complete various quests. Doing science research will help you unlock more items to craft. The game features many different raw resources such as wood and stone for building. Farms will provide you with food items such as carrots as well as crafting items such as cotton. Other items can be collected from events or found periodically on your island shores. When a storm arrives a relic will wash up which is used in high level crafting.

There’s Mystery Too (5 out of 5)

On your island are several mystery objects which can be explored. Take a villager and drop them onto the object for clues. You will need to do this multiple times with many different villagers to solve the mystery object clues.


My Tribe is a fun game with lots of things to do and a change of pace from other Facebook games. You do get a sense that you are building a tribe from this game with the various activities you need to do as you grow and the mystery objects give you something to solve along the way. It would be nice if there was a button to locate your villagers because often you need to hunt for exactly where they are. This game is new so hopefully the developers will keep adding content to this Facebook game in the future.

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