Rockstars Live: Resetting Your Account


Rockstars Live hails from the same cloth as the rest of the text based iPhone RPGs. Along with this means a preparation of your Rockstars Live account right from the earliest concerts and promotions. All of these games are fairly similar and do not require much skill in action, until you get to the end when you realized that a strategic plan from the beginning is the only way to be competitive. Any wrong move in Rockstars Live can mean a complete failure down the line, so it is important that every decision made is perfect. If you do not achieve this, you may want to consider resetting your Rockstars Live account. Thankfully, Rockstars Live makes this an easy built in option.

No Reward Points

Open up Rockstars Live and look at the main Home page. Look at the left hand column of button options and find the Agent, which is below Prizes and above Settings. Select Agent and you will see the options available for you. The majority of these are ways to spend Reward Points on different Rockstars Live. You have options for spending Reward Points on money, refills, and band members. Below these normal Reward Points options you will find “Reset your character for free” directly below “Change your name for 30 Reward Points.” Just go ahead and hit the blue Accept button to the right of the text. From here your Rockstars Live account will be reset.

How It Happens

This will bring all of your statistics, levels, number of properties, and every other value back to where it was when you began. You can keep your band as this would affect other people’s account and makes it a good option to just start the leveling up process. Make sure to do this the right way and do not reset your Rockstars Live account before you have to. The main reason to reset your Rockstars Live account is when you spend your statistic points in the wrong place and when you level up too quickly. From here, you should take those lessons and then play Rockstars Live in a slower and more plotted way.

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