Rockstars Live: Adding to Your Band

Social Life

Rockstars Live is just as much of a social networking game as Kingdoms Live or World War for the iPhone. Instead of operating in its role playing format on your own you are asked to reach out to other Rockstars so that your Band ends up getting a little weight to it. This allows you to play larger Shows and win band Battles at different points in Rockstars Live. The size of your Band in Rockstars Live is often the barometer of success.

Band Codes

When you first open up Rockstars Live look at the main Home display and select the My Band button on the top of the right hand column. You can also select Recruit from the lower right hand side of the bottom task bar. The first tab, labeled Recruit, is where you will do your invitations sending to other Rockstars Live players.

The first option is going to be Invite Using Band Code. Using Band Codes is the best option for Rockstars Live because they are easy to share between players. People use online web resources to post their Band Codes and get the Band Codes of others in huge numbers. There are applications like iCodes for Rockstars Live or Rockstars Live Code Booster that gives you many Band Codes and even offers you the opportunity to post your Band Code on their network. Just enter the Band Code you want to send your invitation to in this top box and hit the Invite button. You are going to want to post your Band Code around as much as you possibly can. This is located on the Main Menu directly above the My Band button on the right hand column. My Band Code is P1SRM, so feel free to add me to your Band.


Another way that you can add people is through your Contacts. Go below the Invite Using Band Codes option and you will find the Invite Using Contacts. When you press the Invite Friends button you will be taken to your Contacts List and you can choose people to send an invite to.

Invitations and My Band

When you get an invitation sent to your from another Rockstars Live player, such as through a Band Code, it will appear above the two options for sending invitations. You have to go through each of these invitations individually and either Accept or Reject it. Once you have accepted an invitation, or the other Rockstars Live player has accepted yours, they will appear in the next tab labeled My Band.

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