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Make Money

Rockstars Live is one of the more original and involved of all the text based iPhone RPGs. Though many of the same rules still apply in Rockstars Live there are many opportunities to get the coveted Reward Points. These are how Storm8 is able to make money of their franchise without actually charging for the games. Periodically Storm8 releases free packages of points for each game, and Rockstars Live are simply titled Reward Points. These can then be used in the game to purchase different things, but since you either have to pay for Respect Points from Storm8 or wait for them to release them occasionally in an effort to keep you playing it is important to use them wisely. Here are some tips for using Reward Points in your account in Rockstars Live for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Using Reward Points

The first thing you should be focusing on in Rockstars Live is to avoid leveling up. The reason is that you can become financially stable and filled with concert equipment at your current level. This means that finding ways to get money without completing any tasks that can give you experience points are good right away. If you want to use your Reward Points early on you may want to just focus in on using them for money. Later on you can use the Reward Points to refill your energy so you can then perform high yielding Shows. Only do this once you are ready to level up and the Shows give you large sums of money. The same can be true of Stamina and Confidence, but should not be used as often as the Energy refill.

Save Your Reward Points

You really do not want to use any of your Reward Points on band members because they are so easy to get anyway. A single band member costs twenty Reward Points, which is far too much. Likewise, you really do not want to worry about spending huge numbers of Reward Points on changing your name or class. Changing your name costs thirty Reward Points and changing your class costs fifty Reward Points. Neither of these possible changes is worth their Reward Point cost.

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