iMob Online Promotional Weapons and Redemption Codes

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As iMob Online becomes increasingly more popular, the developers are finding ways to cross promote and increase the number of players on the network. They are doing this through multiple redemption codes, free item giveaways, and connections with other software. Here are a few ways to take full advantage of all the iMob Online offers available.

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Redemption Codes

iMob Online has released a limited edition taser, mainly inspired by the new flood of “non lethal” weapons used by law enforcement to calm rambunctious youths. To get ten tasers into your iMob Online account you just enter DONTTASEMEBRO into your iTunes account.

There are also different items that have been added; many of them intended to only give you items once performing a specific action. If you want the limited edition pepper spray item then you just enter the iMob Online redemption code PEPPERSPRAY. If you want to add a Molotov cocktail to your arsenal you enter the redemption code MOLOTOV. These are temporary and if they are jumped on too late they may not work, which is part of the transitional nature of these promotions.

iVampires Online

Quite a number of these special codes have to do with the promotion of the new free iPhone game iVampires Online. iVampires Online is essentially the same game as iMob Online with a mild vampire theme. The developers want players to branch out even further, so they are offering a number of items for people that jump over to this new title.

If you just add iVampires Online you are offered ten respect points, which is a nice addition. Just to inspire you to continue playing iVampires Online they offer you twenty five switchblades when you make it to level twenty five., which is a fun additional weapon for you iMob Online account. To get these you actually have to be opened up into you iVampires Online game.

iMob Online Updates

These are not going to be available forever and are just the beginning for this developer, as these seem to be a regular feature now. They are posting this information occasionally in both iMob Online and iVampires Online, and continually on their Twitter page at The best advice is to keep up on these updates and then add the promotional offers within a few days of hearing about them.