Using Redemption Codes and Promotions in iVampires Online

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iVampires Online Promotions

Many free iPhone game developers are working on synergy between their games in an effort to gain as many players as possible. The money to be made in the free iPhone game market, especially as it applies to the new text based RPGS craze, comes from the numbers of users. To help assure this they are offering promotions within the games for downloading and updating other games from the developers as well as continually checking the base game for possible give aways. This ploy is done simply to make the games more crucial to the user’s life by making players check them more often, but if you are committed to becoming a top player these promotions are key. The main focus of this is in releasing Redemption Codes for specialty items within the game. In iVampires Online this is especially common, and entering Redemption Codes as they are released is an important part of the game.

Redemption Codes

When playing iVampires Online you will often see a promotional advertising bar at the top of the screen informing you of a specialty item now available in the game. Go ahead and press this bar, which will then remove you from iVampires Online and take you into the Featured tab of the iPhone’s App Store. Here the item’s Redemption Code will be listed along with possible other promotions that will occur from downloading updates for iMob Online, Girl Wars Online, or iDragons Online. Write down this Redemption Codes and then go back into iVampires Online. Go down to the bottom task bar and select the Invite button from the far right hand side. Once you are in the Invite tab go to the far bottom of the list of options and select Redeem. Here you will be given a text box asking for the Coupon Code, otherwise known as the Redemption Code. When this happens you will get the specific item as delivered by The Ancients.

Nobility Points

To remain successful in iVampires Online you really have to at least keep up on downloads for iMob Online, Girl Wars Online, and iDragons Online. You will often be offered Nobility Points for use with The Ancients for downloading updates for all. The same is true in reverse, so if you want to maintain a good flow of Nobility Points then you may want to play all four.