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Racing Live continues the Storm8 tradition of providing safe places to store your money. Since other Racing Live players may challenge you to a race, you will see that your earnings may be stolen at any time. To combat that, they have put in the Racing Live Bank where you can store your assets. Here are some tips for using the Racing Live Bank.

Racing Live Bank

When you are at the main Racing Live Portrait view, just select Bank from the right hand column, which is right under My Profile and above Mechanic. Inside the Racing Live Bank you are going to see an interface that will be familiar if you play other Storm8. At the top of the screen you are going to see your current balance for your Racing Live Bank account. Below this you are going to have a text box that you can enter the amount in that you want to deposit or withdraw. If you do not have any money in the Racing Live Bank it is just going to have a deposit button and next to the text box it is going to say Open Account With. You deposits must be equal to or less than the free available Racing Live money that you have, and all withdrawals must be equal to or less than your Bank Balance. All deposits into the Racing Live Bank will have a ten percent fee taken out of them. All withdrawals will be taken out clean without any type of fee attached.

Racing Live Tips

Using the Racing Live Bank is not always a great course of action. It is very expensive because of the deposit free and it gives you less options for using your money. It will protect you if you are being constantly marauded by other Racing Live players, but that is just a sign that you are going to have to bulk up and focus your statistic points in other areas. The main reason to use the Racing Live Bank is because you have to use it to pay for repairs from the Mechanic. You have to use money out of your Racing Live Bank account and are prohibited from using the free cash you have in your regular Racing Live account.

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