Adding Players to Your Racing Live Crew

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Behind the Wheel

Racing Live follows most of the other features of the Live series that have been established in games like Mafia Live, Rockstars Live, and Undead Live. One of the main parts of this is the need to add other Racing Live players to your Crew for proficiency in racing on all levels. In the end the Racing Live players with the best items and largest Crew will begin dominating in the commercial racing sphere, and it is important to start early by getting a Crew that players in the upper levels will even be proud of.


Go down to the lower task bar and select Recruit from the far right hand side. When you do that a windows will pop up asking you if you want to open up your Contact List. If you do, you will be given the option to send invitations to anyone in there, and if you select Cancel you will just be sent back to the main Racing Live view.

Using Crew Codes

The best way to approach the need for friends in Racing Live is to use the Crew Code system. Go to the main Home display in your Racing Live account and select My Crew from the top of the right hand column. You have two main ways to send invitations to your crew in this display. The top one is Invite using Crew Code, where you have an open text box where you can enter someone’s Crew Code and send an invite. This is going to be the most efficient way of adding people as you can enter several Crew Codes quickly. Directly below this is the Invite using Contacts option, which is exactly the same as the one that you were offered when pressing the Recruit button in the lower task bar.

Your Crew Code

The easiest way to begin acquiring Crew members in huge numbers is to make people aware of your Crew Code. This is listed both on the top of the Recruit tab when you select My Clan from the main Home page as well as in a small font directly above the My Crew button on the Main Menu. My Crew Code is VV411, so add me when building your Crew.

My Crew

If you want to see who is in your crew simply go to the My Crew button to go back to the Crew menu. Here select the second tab over from the Recruit one, which is labeled My Crew and then a number that coincides with the number of people currently in your Crew. Here is a nice and easy way to check on each Racing Live player that have accepted your invitations.

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