Racing Live: Using Prestige Points

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The Prestige

Racing Live is a popular title in the Live series in which the world of commercial racing sets the stage for the role playing elements. Racing Live is a free iPhone game, and the developers offer something called Prestige Points to make money. Prestige Points are purchased with real money and are then used within Racing Live to buy different things. Though Prestige Points are often given away as an incentive for players to update and continue playing Racing Live, the usual way to get large numbers of Prestige Points is to purchase them. Here are a few tips for using Prestige Points in your Racing Live account.

The Agent

You have to treat Prestige Points as an nonrenewable resource, likely because if you have some they are going to be incredibly limited. This means that you have to use the Prestige Points to take the areas of Racing Live that are more difficult to achieve in the long term. Go to The Agent to spend your Prestige Points. At the top of The Agent menu you will have your number of Prestige Points listed. Here you have a number of different things you should purchase. There is no reason to buy crew members with your Prestige Points because Racing Live uses a friend code system in the form of the Crew Code. If you have a Crew Code to spread around it is incredibly easy to add people. If you were to use Prestige Points to buy a crew member it would cost twenty for one, which is an obscene price. Instead you should focus your Prestige Points on money, especially if you are in the beginning. Since early players to Racing Live should be avoiding leveling up whenever possible any free bit of money works out well. You can also refill things like Fuel, Focus, or Energy, which help you function with the different elements of Racing Live. Save this for later levels in Racing Live when it will really pay off to complete things like races and battles. Change your class is a really expensive change costing fifty Prestige Points. This is not worth it in any circumstance, and it would probably just be better to reset your Racing Live account if you must do that.

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