Racing Live: Resetting Your Account

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Back to the Future

Racing Live is currently one of the most competitive text-based iPhone RPGs available at the App Store. Racing Live players have stuck with the game more than most and have plotted the progress of their accounts from the very beginning. It is with kind of premeditation you can soar to the ranks of Racing Live players, but if you mess up early on by making the wrong choices, you could never be in a position to challenge the top players. Unfortunately, the only option to remedy this may be to reset your Racing Live account.


When you are at the main Home page in Racing Live go ahead and select Agent from the left hand column. This is the area where you spend your Prestige Points on different Racing Live elements. At the very top, it indicates how many Prestige Points you have and below are different options for spending Prestige Points. Once you go to the very bottom of these options, you will find “Reset your account for free” at the very bottom directly below “Change your class for 50 Prestige Points.” Go ahead and hit the Accept button to the right of the text.

When and Why

You have to make sure that resetting your Racing Live account is actually going to pay off for you. The main reasons to do this is if you leveled up too quickly and if you spent your skill points in the wrong areas making you non-competitive in later races. You are going to lose everything except for friends, so leave this as your last resort. Try spending all of your Prestige Points ahead of time in an effort to curb this, especially since you are going to lose them once you decide to reset your Racine Live account anyway. This is not actually going to leave you out of the game altogether since you keep your posse so once you do this just use it as a stepping stone for creating the perfect Racing Live account once you resurface. Make a list of the mistakes you made the first time and how to avoid them for your second time around.

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