All-in-1 Gamebox Review

What’s it all about?

35 games in one download? Really? I know, you’re probably looking at the All-in-One Gamebox and rolling your eyes, thinking this has to be some kind of a scam. Your hesitance is not without warrant, because when something like this comes along, it almost seems too good to be true. Rest assured though, fellow iPhone owner, these are in fact full versions of games that on their own can cost as much as the entire package. I know, it doesn’t sound right, but that’s the way it is.

The way the developer was able to get away with this is that they actually made and released all of the 35 games in the current Gamebox separately. Most were released for 99 cents each, but now you can have 35 of them (thats $35 dollars worth of games) for the price of just one of them, 99 cents.

The games themselves are typical iPhone fare for the most part; fun diversions and flash-esque titles that can keep you busy for a while. Some select titles however are certainly worth a buck on their own, and we’ll run down a few of the best ones. These are games that would have been recommended purchases in their own right, but now you can have them all, plus a bunch of extra ones, for just a buck. Keep in mind, this is just a handful of the 35 games offered, so there’s plenty more to experience. Now, on to the list!

The Best of The Best


Dino Cap – Ever wanted to walk your city streets and murder dinosaurs in cold blood? That’s just what you get to do in Dino Cap! Ok, so it might sound like an insane concept, but once you start playing it you’ll understand its addictive qualities. Each stage consists of a walk down a familiar city street. You are first armed with only a lowly handgun and a spiked club. However, over the course of killing dinosaurs (which grants you additional funds) you will gain enough money to purchase larger and more powerful weapons for both hands-on and distance warfare.

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Digital Heist – Digital Heist is a super stylized burglary game. You use the iPhone’s accelerometer to guide your ball through a dangerous computer "system" and obtain your treasure. Then, once the alarm has sounded, you must make your way back out alive. It can be frustrating if you let the heightening difficulty get to you, but other than that it is an extremely enjoyable experience.


AC-130 Spectre – Everyone remembers the AC-130 sequence from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It was one of the most original and striking scenes that has ever appeared in a video game. If you know what I’m talking about then you’ll understand immediately how Spectre plays. You are the gunner of an AC-130 who must launch air-to-ground projectiles at enemies and structures in order to bring them crashing down. It is presented in the heat-sensitive camera perspective which is used on the actual plane itself. It may not look as good as the console option, but it’s as close as you’ll get on your phone.

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Bowman Defense – Bowman Defense is a simplified tower defense game. You must defend your home (a tower) from an invading hoard. A light storyline is offered but it doesn’t really matter much. All you need to know is that the invading Black Army is bad and must be destroyed at all costs. Borrowing the look of the PSP’s Patapon, Bowman Defense is a super solid addition to the Gamebox.