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Kirby's Epic Yarn Road Journal - Part 3

by: David Sanchez ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

BrightHub's David Sanchez continues to delve deeper into Kirby's Epic Yarn. In this entry, he traverses pastry-filled levels and a vast ocean.

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    Kirby's Wii Adventure Continues

    Kirby's Epic Yarn 

    In my last entry of Kirby’s Epic Yarn Road Journal I traversed the varied Hot Land and played a new bead-collecting sidequest with Beadrix. My next stop in the new Kirby game was Treat Land. The world’s hub area pretty much indicated what types of levels I could expect. Let’s not waste any more time and get into my latest travels across Patch Land.

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    On to Treat Land


    The Kirby franchise is known for being a colorful platform series, and this new Kirby game is no exception. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is full of bright color, and no area in the game is brighter than Treat Land. Don’t let its name fool you, though. Treat Land is heavy on tasty sweets, but there are also toy, mushroom, and music themes found throughout this area.

    My personal favorite level was Sweets Park. Adorned with rotating chocolate-dipped cookies, soft chocolate-topped pastries, and all other sorts of fattening yet delicious tasty treats, Sweets Land made me want to head on over to my nearest grocery store and stock up on Twinkies, donuts, and chocolate Swiss rolls. The fact that I was taking Kirby through areas reminiscent of a pastry factory and using cakes and cookies as platforms just added to the awesomeness of the level.

    Another stage that stood out to me was Melody Town. Featured throughout the entire level were drums, pianos, harps, and other instruments, all of which were used to do some level progression. I even guided Kirby through sheet music, where I had to help the pink puffball upwards and downwards across different melodic arrangements.

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    On to Water Land


    I didn’t waste any time getting to Water Land and jumping right into the area’s first level. Admittedly, I enjoyed the stages in Treat Land a little more, but Water Land was still filled with great level design and a combination of platforming and swimming. The thing that stood out the most was Kirby’s Dolphin transformation, which was utilized fully throughout some areas in Water Land. It was really cool being able to swim through levels at a rapid pace and outrunning giant sea-dwelling creatures.

    Water Land’s boss fight took place underwater, and it was Kirby vs. Capamari, a giant squid with a silly face and ferocious set of tentacles. Because this new Kirby game is light on challenge, I made quick work of the baddie and set my sights on Snow Land.

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    Snow Land Bound

    Kirby's Dolphin transformation is just plain awesome. 

    My next stop in Kirby’s Epic Yarn will be Snow Land. For now, the sidequests have taken a backseat to the main objective, and I’ll be focusing on clearing the next few worlds in the game and seeing the ending. Snow Land seems very promising, and I can only hope that snowball fight scenarios will present themselves as I play through the snowy locale.

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