Even Mature Gamers Should Play Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Why Should You Play Kirby’s Latest Adventure?

Kirby's Epic Yarn

At first glance, it’s easy to disregard Kirby’s Epic Yarn as another kid-friendly game from Nintendo. Admittedly, the game is fairly easy, and its visual style and themes certainly do cater to the younger crowd. But a closer look and hands-on experience with the game reveal that Kirby’s Epic Yarn can be enjoyed by older gamers just as much as younger gamers. The following are the top 3 reasons why Wii owners of any age should give Kirby’s Epic Yarn a try.

Hypnotic Charm

The charm that Kirby's Epic Yarn exudes is too great to simply ignore.

Make no mistake about it, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a super cutesy game with tons of color splashed into it and a recurring storybook theme felt throughout. Despite the kiddy appeal—or possibly because of it—this platformer’s graphical style is almost hypnotic. It’s difficult not to be drawn into the game’s world with all its yarn, cloth, and patch textures. This game has the potential to melt the coldest recesses of even the most jaded gamers’ hearts. It’s that charming in its design, and it practically begs you to explore its beautiful worlds with the utmost of curiosity.

Awesome Co-op Mode

Kirby and Prince Fluff make one heck of a team.

Cooperative multiplayer modes are usually received well by gamers. With the exception of New Super Mario Bros. Wii—which threw in co-op play that simply served as a means of messing around with pals instead of cohesive gaming—playing alongside a friend is almost always an enjoyable gameplay element seen in many games. Kirby’s Epic Yarn comes packed with a nice little co-op mode that allows two gamers to team up and take on each of the game’s levels. You can toss your partner onto hard-to-reach ledges, carry him or her across gaps, or even combine to create some impressive transformations. The co-op here is as sound as the gameplay itself, and this title encourages you to play with a friend. After all, sometimes it’s cool to have someone to enjoy a game with.

Excellent Platforming Gameplay

The level design in the game is intricate, engaging, and encouraging of exploration.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn may not be difficult, but it is certainly engaging. The game offers a carefree experience that allows you to explore and discover as you traverse large gaps, scale moving platforms, and find hidden paths. Like the Kirby games before it, this title doesn’t challenge you too much, but it does feature some intricate platforming gameplay that feels different from other titles in the genre. There’s a reason so many people enjoy Kirby games, and it’s easily due to the enjoyably addictive platforming action.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn – A Game for Everyone

Kirby’s Epic Yarn isn’t difficult at all, and it is definitely overly adorable. But that shouldn’t keep mature Wii owners from experiencing one of the most charming games to come along in quite some time. The game comes fully featured with flawless platforming, cooperative multiplayer, and highly interactive environments. Throw in some cool transformations, and you’ve got a title that can be enjoyed by anyone willing to play it. The E-rating in Kirby’s Epic Yarn means everyone can play it. But when you factor in everything that this sidescrolling platformer brings to the table, everyone should play it.