Kirby’s Epic Yarn Road Journal – Part 5: The Last Stop in the Latest Kirby Video Game

Kirby Leaves Patch Land

Dream Land

As I drew closer to the final levels of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, I felt excited to see the story come to an end and see the conclusion in this latest Kirby video game. Despite being eager to see the finale, I decided to go back and play through some previously cleared levels just for kicks. I also checked out a new minigame from yet another tenant in Quilty Square. It then dawned on me that I didn’t want Kirby’s Epic Yarn to end just yet. Let’s take a look at my last few moments with the game before reaching the final boss.

Carrie’s Minigame


I decorated another apartment in Quilty Square and met a charming little character by the name of Carrie. Like Zeke and Beadrix before her, Carrie invited me to play some sidequests with her in previously cleared stages. This set of minigames was time-based like the others, but I didn’t have to find any characters or collect a certain number of beads. Carrie’s minigames required me to lift her up and take her to the goal in each stage. This was definitely a fun addition to the game, but I think I still prefer the other minigames a bit more.

On to Dream Land


After playing a few minigames with Carrie for a while and revisiting previously cleared stages, I decided to finally make my way to the game’s final world. When I got to Dream Land, I was very pleased to hear old themes from throughout the Kirby series. These tunes added a nice hit of nostalgia, and they sounded great in this new Kirby video game.

I also enjoyed seeing Dream Land made of yarn. The levels, which were vibrant and rich in color, looked great in their new patch, cloth, and yarn look. I had to hand it to Yin-Yarn; the villain definitely has a great sense of style. It was almost a shame that I had to take him down, but I did just that and restored peace to both Patch Land and Dream Land.

Kirby Returns Home

Will Kirby and Prince Fluff meet again somewhere down the road? Here's hoping!

I had a great time playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The game wasn’t difficult or even very long, but it did provide me with a few hours of good, clean fun. Even now that I’ve beaten the game I continue to go back and play through my favorite levels. I still have some minigames to play through as well, and I’d really like to get together with a friend and play through the game in co-op mode. I had a blast with Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and I hope the next game in the series is this much fun.