The Top 3 Free Online Zelda Games

The Top 3 Free Online Zelda Games
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Childhood pastimes and experiences have inspired people to develop cult-favorites. Satoshi Tajiri-Oniwa’s insect-collecting hobby inspired him to create Pokemon—one of world’s most popular video game franchises. Similarly, The Legend of Zelda was inspired by pleasant childhood adventures of Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the ever-popular Zelda video game series. As a child, Miyamoto ventured into secluded caves, rural villages and forests, which inspired him to create a game filled with dungeons, exotic forests, beautiful lakes and daring adventures. This led to the creation of a fantasy adventure that has a huge fan-following even today.

The first Legend of Zelda game was released on the Famicom game system in February 1986 and since then, there were numerous Zelda games released for various platforms. The basic premise behind the Legend of Zelda game is a beautiful combination of puzzle, adventure, combat and exploration. The colorful graphics, lush green background and a rural look makes every Zelda game appealing. Most of the games focus on the adventures of Link, a teenage protagonist of the Legend of Zelda. Besides console games, there are some of the best free online Zelda games on the Internet. Playing Zelda games online can be the best way to go nostalgic, since the sprites and visuals will remind you of old SNES Zelda games.

Seeds of Darkness

Zelda: Seeds of Darkness is a typical explorative Zelda game with cute 2D sprites and loads of adventures. Players will have to lead Link throughout the forests of Hyrule defeating monsters and strange creatures. The main quest is to find and destroy the three seeds of darkness: Source of Sadness, Creator of Anger and Bearer of Jealousy.

With simple keyboard controls, Zelda: Seeds of Darkness is a nice game to spend hours with. Using Link’s sword and shield, players can hack enemies, slash bushes to find hidden items and bonus points. The small plants also give access to secret pathways, but there are some dangerous creatures hiding in them. There’s also a special bomb to destroy the main antagonists of the game

The top-down hack-and-slash flash adventure game is open-ended and also allows serious game developers to have a complete look at the source code used to create the game. The source code can be copied to a text file and tweaked to create own versions for personal gameplay enjoyment.

Zelda: Pac-Man Version

Zelda Pacman

Players may have seen some of the best free online Pac-Man games, but a Zelda/Pac-Man combo is certainly offbeat. Here, Link dons the Pac-man attire and collects all pac-dots while running away from ghosts. To slow them down, Link can collect hearts scattered throughout the maze. Once a heart is collected, the ghosts move at a very slow pace, which makes it easier for Link to collect the dots. Those who love to play Zelda games online, but look for something unique, will find the Zelda/Pac-Man game quite interesting.

Zelda Adventure

Zelda Adventure

Zelda Adventure is yet another top-down adventure game with RPG elements. Players will find everything associated with a Zelda RPG—the lush green backdrop, exotic creatures, hidden unlockables and dangerous traps. Players will have to help Link collect keys, items and fight monsters to achieve his quests laid down by different wise men spread across the jungles of Hyrule.

When compared to free online Zelda games like Seeds of Darkness, Zelda Adventure fares poorly in the graphics department. The 2D sprites are minuscule and lack detail, even Zelda looks like some old gnome from an archaic fairy tale. Even the combat system is not designed perfectly and is quite stiff. However, die-hard Zelda fans will love every part of the game, even its mediocre battle system!