Mario Kart Wii vs Mario Kart DS - Which Race Will Win?

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If you have played any of the games in the Mario Kart series then you know why people enjoy the titles. They have a solid platforming fun and give you the ability to chuck shells at your friends. We all know that they deserved it anyway. OK, so I’m half kidding, but only half. The Mario Kart games are fun to play and easy to start but hard to master.

Now usually it is not very hard at all to pick which Mario Kart title to buy. After all, there is usually only one title out for the current systems and that does put a hamper on your ability to make a choice currently, however, you will find yourself faced with two Mario Kart choices. You can get Mario Kart for your Wii or for your DS.

If you only have one system your choice is going to be clear, but if you have both then you are going to have to make a tough choice. That does not mean that you should make an uninformed decision so today, in order to help you make a good choice we are going to take a look at some of the differences between the two games.

Play Options

Both of the titles have a single player mode, a multiplayer mode and a Wi-fi mode but the version for Wii also has a mode known as the Mario Kart channel where you can compete in tournaments. That means if you want to prove that you are really the fastest in all of the world then the Wii version is the way to go.

The Items

We all know that the items are what makes this game a stand out title. For the most part you will find all of the same, and familiar items you know and love but there are some unique items on each of the titles.

DS-Only Version Items

The ghost-this item is a lot of fun because it not only make you invulnerable to any injury but it allows you to drive through other players vehicles and steal their items.

Wii-Only Version Items

The giant mushroom-This mushroom allows you to make yourself giant and cover a lot more ground then you would be able to do normally.

The Bikes

I know, it’s a Kart game but in the Wii version you can race on Bikes as well. The bikes offer some speed advantages at the cost of some stability. In addition you can unlock extra bikes when you meet certain goals.


The Wii version has an extra set of Nintendo based characters, mostly minor, for you to play but it will also allow you to play as one of your own custom made Mii’s.

Other than that these differences the games are primarily the same with some cups and tracks to play. Though I do feel compelled to warn you that if you spend too much time with the DS version you should be aware that you will get thumb cramps from holding down the accelerator. It is simply a matter of when.

Charters You Might Be Able To Play

The people that you might find in your Mario Kart games:

Baby Daisy

Baby Luigi

Baby Mario

Baby Peach



Bowser Jr.


Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong

King Boo



Shy Guy





Complete List of Mario Kart Titles

  • Super Nintendo (Aka: SNES)- Super Mario Kart
  • Game Boy Advance- Mario Kart: Super Circut
  • Nintendo 64 (Aka: N64)- Mario Kart 64
  • Gamecube- Mario Kart Double Dash
  • Nintendo Wii- Mario Kart Wii
  • Nintendo DS- Mario Kart DS

Its is important to know that this list does not include the arcade version of Mario Kart that you can find in the arcades.