Wii Game Review: Mario Kart - Grab Your Wii Wheel & Get Set To Race

Wii Game Review: Mario Kart - Grab Your Wii Wheel & Get Set To Race
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Mario Kart Wii is the latest gamer-pleasing racing title that sacrifices racing realism for pure, adrenalin-filled racing fun, that puts you behind the Wii Wheel for adrenalin-inducing interactive entertainment. Play with friends or alone, with tricked-out karts and as a Mushroom Kingdom all-star, or as one of your own Miis on 12 new tracks and 12 classic courses on Wii two-wheeled transports.

The Good (3 out of 5)

The sheer number and variety of creative and imaginative race tracks provided with Mario Kart Wii makes the journey fun and enjoyable for all ages. Even if you don’t normally like racing games, you will find it exciting and interactive entertainment for one or many.

Easy to learn and control mechanisms for players of all skill levels, with a trick system that is strategic in the game and fun to pull off.

Developers have added two-wheeled mayhem for fans of motorcycle and motocross, which adds needed variety to the available transportation types.

The Bad (4 out of 5)

The difference in the old and new tracks is obvious with the imbalance in items on the new tracks, the old tracks after awhile become boring and you may find yourself only playing the new ones. The Battle mode included with Mario Kart Wii is only available for team and timed races, the entertainment and fun would have been increased considerably if they had included this mode for all the types of races.

How Does Mario Kart Wii Look? (3 out of 5)

The old tracks used in Mario Kart Wii have never looked and played better, while the new tracks are visually creative, innovative and even more entertaining than earlier games in the series. The addition of graphic effects, like lightning effects when you get blasted by a lightning bolt, have increased the entertainment value for new and old gamers to the series.

The Sounds of the Game (3 out of 5)

The soundtrack included with Mario Kart Wii is a mixture of old and new, as is common in games being produced today. The sound effects of items and accidents sound beautiful and well composed as in all the games in the series.

How Do You Play the Game (4 out of 5)

The Grand Prix mode is the main entertainment and fun value in this title, in this mode you are put up against 11 other racers in a run to the finish line on a 4 cup course event. In this mode you can select from 3 different engine sizes and difficulty settings to help you win the 4 cups and unlock the additional 4 cups that become available once you win the first 4.

You will need to pick up various items as you race on the tracks, like shells, mushrooms, stamen and more, while trying to avoid the other racers and beat them to the line.

Developers included two other modes; Balloon Battle and Coin Runners that take place on 10 separate arena-like tracks, different from the 32 used for the Grand Prix mode, these two modes are also only for the team-concept modes.

The multi-player mode included is a split-screen monster that allows you and up to three of your friends to compete and race in Grand Prix or Battle modes at the same time.

Using Nintendo’s Wi-Fi connect feature, up to 12 can race in online matches that are exciting and fun interactive entertainment that shows why the Wii experience is amazing.

Want to Play Again (3 out of 5)

The ability to play each track over and over to perfect your line and tricks during the race makes this game one that gamers who are racing fans, will be playing over and over. New gamers to the series and players who prefer other genres may find Mario Kart Wii addictive as well and spend untold hours trying to make the perfect run.

Conclusions (4 out of 5)

Mario Kart is a 16 year old franchise that despite the years is as fresh, entertaining, and enjoyable as the first time you two went out together onto the race track. A tricks that can be accomplished with the new stunt system, the ability to drift effectively and easily, the natural motions of the Wii experience, and infinite possibilities for online racing fun and interactive entertainment with new and old friends, makes Mario Kart Wii an experience worth the time and price of admission.

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