Find and Play Free Math Games for Kids

Find and Play Free Math Games for Kids
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Math Man

Try your best not to get eaten by these fast moving ghosts in this math version of the infamous pac man game. Kids will need to get around and though a maze to reach the answers to the central arithmetic problem. The only thing is you will have to be quick with the arrow keys to get to the answer in time. Those ghosts move at top speed! To begin solving problems click on the following link to play math man.

Image Credit: MathGames

Building Blocks

This is both a shape recognition game as well as a math counting game all in one. The player will be given a empty abstract shape, that they will need to plug shapes into. This simple game is will allow the toddler to challenge themselves as they twist and turn the large pieces with the mouse to make each shape fit into place. Each level building block gets more complex. To begin building blocks click on the following link.

Princess Math

Well this is certainly a way to dress for this young lady that adds up! Preschoolers will have fun dressing up this princess and practicing basic arithmetic skills at the same time. They will use the mouse to click on the wardrobe that has the answer to the addition, multiplication or subtraction problem. To begin solving the problems and dressing this young princess click on the following link.

Frog Palace

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If your kid is just beginnin to learn arithmetic they will love Frog Palace. The game opens with the player being asked to buy $1, $2, and $100 stones. The frog will say " The price of the stones is $50.00" for instance. Then the player will be shown three bags, each of the bags must be put on the appropiate counter to purchase the stones. Sound easy enough? Go ahead and give it a try by clicking on the following link.

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If you want to give kids an early start to trig, this game will show them the basics. Comets gives kids the chance to review angles by shooting at comets from a specific position. Kids will be asked to angle their aim in a specific location to fire. Of course if they get it right they will fire down the right comet. Fun Stuff! To play this game click on the following link.


Martian Math

The main goal of this square root game is to solve each problem in outer space. There will be an alien that will hold a yellow board which has x squared. The player will drag the correct whole number to the right rocketship monitor on the board. You will have to answer every square root correctly to win the game. To play this game click on the following link.