Recommended Free Math Games for Kids

Free math games for kids in grade school are good ways to keep them interested in math while giving them a way to make them have fun in the process. Here are some of the best online math games in flash script that are free to play online.

Skater Math

Skate Math

The aim of this game is to challenge kids to answer math questions with a time limit. It sounds pretty basic and dull until you find out that the time limit is represented by a hurdle. Using the number keys on the computer keyboard or by clicking the correct button onscreen, kids can make their skater jump over obstacles so they can continue on with the game. The required keys that need to be pressed for this action correspond to the correct answers to the math questions. This means even if the kid gets the right answers, they still have to wait for the right time to press the answer, which gives the math-solving tasks an element of fun and urgency.

Kids can pick between four different sets of questions that deal with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They can pick the set of questions after they have picked the skater they want to use which is limited to a boy skater and a girl skater. Getting the timing right for each jump requires some getting used to because the skater does not immediately respond to button presses. There is a slight delay between the button press and the jump so the right timing is required to make successful jumps.

Soccer Math

Soccer Math
Soccer Math 2

This soccer-based math game aims to develop addition skills of kids. The numbers that need to be added are just one digit numbers so it is appropriate for grade school children. Kids can choose from a girl soccer player or a boy soccer player. When the kids get the correct answer to addition questions, they can proceed to set the course and velocity of the ball towards the goal. The ball can then be blocked or missed by the game’s goalie. In essence, the game has two parts that do not actually have a relevant connection aside from the fact that the player needs to get through the math question first before getting into the soccer part of the game. The soccer part of the game is actually quite fun so it provides motivation for the kids to get the math questions right.

Bobber’s Farm

Bobber's Farm

Bobber is a mouse and he has a farm. He asks players to do farm chores for him and each of these tasks represents different mini-games that involve math. In the compost mini-game, players are asked to group the carts into two groups; prime and composite numbers. Every correct answer makes the corn in each group grow. Another mini-game asks players to put the right amount of food in the baskets that are marked with certain numbers. The quantity of each group of food is in decimal values so this teaches kids how to add decimal values to achieve the right number that corresponds to the baskets. The visual appeal of the game may not soothe the craving of kids for sleekly designed games, but its math problems are designed to make kids think and actually do some moderately difficult problems for their age.

Mini Train

Mini Train

This flash game aims to teach kids geometry concepts in a fun way. The goal of the player is to get the train into the tunnel using their mouse to lift obstructing objects and arrange them so they can be out of the way and actually help the train get into the tunnel. There are 24 levels in the game and the players start in level one. The rest of the levels are unlocked as the player progresses into the game. In each level, the player is given blocks of different shapes that they can rearrange in certain ways to get around obstacles and pitfalls. Kids will learn how to combine the different shapes to get the effect they want when they start the train. The levels get harder as the player progresses, giving the player plenty of challenges that will require some logic and knowledge of geometry and physics.

Math Search

Math Search

There are two layers to this game. First, the player is given equations that they have to solve. Once they have the answer, they need to find the right numbers on the field. They can select the numbers by dragging on them in different directions. This adds a level of difficulty to the game. It is like a crossword puzzle with math equations.

These free math games for kids can be accessed online and they can be played simply with a web browser. There are no additional requirements to play them so they are very good tools in education as well as in entertainment.

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