Boss Battle Guide: Megaman Battle Network 5 - Defeating Nebula Grey

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Nebula Grey

Health: 2000



Black Prominence - 80 Damage - Null Element

A black hole appears near Megaman and fires a purple stream of fire into his panel. Move into a new panel to avoid it.

Grave Fire - 100 Damage - Null Element

Nebula Grey fires a black fireball at your panel. Even if you move to a different panel to avoid it, the fireball turns into a pillar of fire that follows you around. Keep moving to avoid it.

Dark Chip - ??? Damage - ??? Element

Nebula Grey projects a dark chip in front of him. This turns into your dark soul, which then uses one of four different attacks.

Attack 1: Dark Sword - 100 damage - Null Element

Just like the Dark Sword chip, this attack hits the first two rows of your area.

Attack 2: Dark Thunder - 80 damage - Elec Element

Fires a large black electric ball that homes in one you. Keep moving and it , like the Dark Thunder chip, will sputter out.

Attack 3: Dark Meteor - 100 damage - Fire Element

Unlike the Dark Meteor attack this based off of, the meteors don’t hit random panels. Instead they hit the panel you’re in, much like Grave Fire. Keep moving and it shouldn’t hit you.

Attack 4: Dark Lance - 100 damage - Wood Element

Hellflame Serpent - 100 damage - Null Element

Nebula Grey becomes a purple-black serpent and hits your panel. This attack also hits all surrounding panel of the one he hit, cracking them. This is only a problem if he hits the center panel, as he cracks your whole side of the field.

Thousand Death Hands - 90 damage

Nebula Grey’s deadliest attack. He fires several hands into your area. Keep moving or, if he hits you, he will drain your HP and restore his by an inversely proportion.

With Nebula Grey destroyed, all seems well. However, Nebula Grey powers up and attempts to take over Megaman’s body. Colonel steps in the way and protects him, but time is short. Using his power and the power of his friends, Megaman destroys Nebula Grey, once and for all. The volcano that makes up Regal’s hideout becomes active from the battle. After everyone leaves, Dr. Hikari goes back to try and convince Regal to come with and to make amends. He collapses mid-speech and Regal waits for the inevitable. From seemingly nowhere, Dr. Wily, who was thought to be dead, appears. Using Soul Net, he erases Dr. Regal’s memories of the last 10 years. He then leaves both Dr. Hikari and Regal in the hands of Baryl. All three escape and peace is brought to the world. Team Colonel/Protoman retires and Regal begins working at Scilab. The world is at last safe, for now.