Page One Walkthrough: Splash Woman

Page One  Walkthrough: Splash Woman
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First Stage:Splash Woman

First Boss: Splash Woman

This stage in my opinion is the easiest one to start the game, because it is really short and the boss difficulty is not that hard either. As in many Mega Man games once you land in the scenario you need to go to the right. Be careful with the mines, they are sentient and they will follow you as soon you approach to them and explode a few seconds later. After you pass the mines a new enemy will be introduced, a small flying saucer that when is shot it will reveal an octopus creature that will automatically shoot ink at Mega Man. If you get hit by the ink just hit pause and then take off the pause of the game to get rid of the ink.

The last octopus is protecting one of the screws that will allow you to acquire things in the game, kill him if you feel confident enough and grab the big screw, then go down the ledge (So classical).

When you reach the bottom you will have two paths to go, left or right; jump left and you will drop to a small platform where you can get a life, but be careful if you land in the wrong place you will be killed by the spikes that are on the floor. Once you land continue on the right path and another new enemy from this stage will be introduced, the penguins.

Is not a glitch is Proto Man!

You can play as Proto Man

First Stage: Splash Woman

These penguins fly in a left-right pattern, is really easy to avoid them and shoot them from the behind to defeat them; again, as the first part of the stage you will be encountering some mines. After you defeat the penguins and you will find a wall shooter. Then after you pass all this chaos you will find another ledge, jump and then take the right path, but avoid the spikes.

As soon you pass this scene and you reach the next one, go to the left to get an energy capsule, drop again and continue to the right to find another wall shooter. Kill the thing and go to the next room. In the room there is a large energy capsule at the top, it’s optional if you want to get it. The next task as soon you reach a new scene you will face some bubbles, you are not reading wrong, you will face bubbles but if you shoot at them they will explode. The bubbles will appear for a couple of scenes.

When you finish with the bubbles, a new path will open and you can go to the new screen. Be careful with the spikes that are on the roof; they can make you lose a life easily. Kill the penguins with the aforementioned method and wait for the bubbles to come up again. When the bubbles appear, quickly jump to the left, to jump on a small bubble and then quickly jump on the large puffy bubble as soon it appears. Ride them all the way up to reach the next scene. In the new scene more penguins will appear.

When you are to about to reach the top, quickly jump on another large bubble to go to the top and reach the next scene. Be careful because the bubbles will pop every few seconds.

Take the right path and continue until you see the ladder to go up, but before you can do anything you have to kill the wall shooters because they won’t let you go up. When you reach the top you will find your first jumping puzzle. Before doing anything, kill the new wall shooter as he will make an effort to prevent you of moving to the new scene.

First Boss: Splash Woman

This is the last scene. As the last scene this is another puzzle, follow the pattern and avoid the spikes so you can reach the boss stage. Splash Woman.

Splash Woman

To defeat Splash Woman is fairly simple, the trick is to time your jumps when she calls the fish. When the tridents start to appear go the corner of the room and when she gets near shoot her.

Second Stage: Concrete Man

In the best tradition of Mega Man, and in the strictest sense of the word originality, go to the right as soon as the level starts. In a moment you will find some birds that will throw rocks at you; if you can, kill them because they are a pain in the kidneys as they can make a good deal of damage.

After you end with the birds, you will come to an area covered by pits, be careful as this area can be tricky as enemies will fly out from the pits and they will shoot you. The trick to defeat them is quite simple; don’t go completely near the pits, just go the required distance to make the enemies pop out completely and then you can proceed to shoot them. But be careful right now; you don’t have enough strength and a simple shot can be harmful.

When you finish with the pits, you can go to the next scene. In the new room, an old enemy from Mega Man 1 will appear; the sliding mines that will explode if touched, but at least in this game if you shoot at them they will freeze for a small fraction of time. To beat this room, you have to jump through a series of platforms and mines, so you have to time your jump and the mine position if you want to go to the top.

Against Magma Man

Gaining the Tornado Blow

Against Concrete Man

Second Stage: Concrete Man

After you finish with the platforms you will be facing a trio of elephant themed mini-bosses. The first one is easy, just start shooting at his ball and after a few hits he will be defeated, then jump into the ladder to go to the next scene and you will find another similar enemy as the last one you faced. This is one is completely different from the last one in terms of strategy. Quickly go and run to the ball as you enter the room, it will hop over your head, start shooting and when it reaches each one of the ends of the room go to the opposite direction to avoid being sucked up.

The last elephant is a little bit difficult but it can be defeated with some patience. He will go across the room like a spider, so you have to jump over him from time to time, then he will stop and he will try to suck you up, so run to the opposite direction. The only moment when you can shoot at him is when he is between the platforms and the pits.

The next room is linear, shoot the enemies down and there is a large energy capsule that can be obtained only when you get the Hornet Chaser, otherwise don’t try it.

Second Boss: Concrete Man

There is no real strategy against concrete man, and even though this boss is quite easy it can be a pain to defeat because of the randomness. If he tries to ram into you, dodge and shoot at him when you are behind him. If he attacks with his concrete shot, doge the shot and avoid the blocks by jumping; if he jumps into the air, go to one side of the room and when he lands shoot at him. After a few shots he will be defeated.

Third Stage: Galaxy Man

Ok, so the game is kind of repetitive, 3 scenarios now and you have to go to the right. After you go to the right a couple of U.F.O.S will fly on the screen, they don’t do anything but shoot at them really quickly because if they touch you they will harm you.

After you take them down an old enemy will appear, a Met; the little yellow enemies that shoot you when they rise from their helmet. The strategy is simple to kill them, wait until the peek out and that’s your key to shoot at them, but here in Mega Man 9 they are really quick to hide and if you don’t kill them, they can be a pain as they can make more damage contrary to the other Mega Man games. Move forward and you will reach a new room.

The new room in theory is quite easy to beat, first you have to jump into the pink squares and you will appear in the right direction, flying through the air. But you can’t do anything over there, go back and into the right one to come out in the left one, climb the ladder.

There is an energy capsule on the left side of the screen, try to grab it if you want. Then proceed to the right and you will encounter a really pesky enemy that was seen in previous Mega Man games, a helicopter like robot who will try to grab you and slam you into the walls, the good thing is that it doesn’t damage you, but it is extremely annoying to dodge. Just follow the path and be quick about jumping if you want to reach the next scene. Before you finish hold left to avoid some spikes that can kill you.

Climb the ladder and defeat the Met at the top, then proceed to drop down to the right. When you are down, take care of the U.F.O’s and after you defeat them jump in the first teleportation box and you will come a few boxes to the right, pay attention and drop down from the one you didn’t come from, that is the box you need to go to reach the end of this scene.

This scene is really simple, kill the enemies and move to the end, but pay attention to the Helicopter robots, they will be the key to reach the next room. The last room before Galaxy Man is a little tricky, because you need to jump into the teleporters, avoid most of them and jump into the one that is right on the highest stop and you will be transported near to the boss room, but be careful there are some U.F.O’s that will try to prevent you to enter to Galaxy Man’s lair.

Third Boss: Galaxy Man

This is one of the easiest robots in the entire game, his modus operandi consists of flying through the entire room and shooting small black holes at you. He will try to suck you down but just avoid being sucked down; Galaxy Man will enter in one of the black holes and will fly up to you, dodge him and fire at him, repeat the strategy a few times and you will defeat Galaxy Man.

Fourth Stage: Jewel Man

The stage of Jewel man is one of the mildly difficult stages of the game, it can be won but it can take a while. This one starts by going down the ledges to the next scene. Kill the Mets and continue . A new enemy will appear during the transition; It will look like a green flat line, but as soon as it hits the ground it will grow spikes and the spikes will follow you, there is another new enemy who always hides in mine carts or other unexpected places.

Once you reach the next scene, there are some spiders crawling that need to be put to rest, but don’t waste time on all of spiders just kill the ones that block your path.

Continue your path until you reach a series of platforms, you have to be really careful with the platforms as they will have spikes covering the ceiling and ground, try to be gentle with the jumps because a slight miscalculation will cause your demise. Once you finish with the platforms you will face a sub-boss. The boss is really easy to beat, beware that he will jump down from the ceiling and then a boulder will fall down as well and if you are touching the ground the boulder will stun you for a couple of seconds. While in the air start shooting him. Pay attention because after a few shots the boss will start rolling trough the room, even the ceiling; watch the ceiling, because where the pebbles drop will indicate where he will drop down. Repeat the process and after a few minutes he will be dead.

As soon you finish with the sub boss you will face some enemies on the next scene, they are like flowers and they will open up for a moment so you can shoot the center. Continue to other side of the room and be careful with the mine carts, after you destroy the carts go carefully to the pit you see an as you did in the first level, dodge it and kill him; this same process will be repeated for a couple of times before going to the next scene. When you finish with the pits a familiar scene will be repeated, the balancing between platforms.

Fourth Boss: Jewel Man

Jewel Man is extremely annoying, he will jump the same time you do. One strategy that works with this boss is the use of the Black Hole Bomb, because by using it will remove the enemy’s shield and it will be the only chance to shoot at him.

Fifth Stage Plug Man

As soon you start, you will go to the right and you will encounter some spinning wheels that is better to avoid because they can cause plenty of damage. When you reach to the end hop into the pipe and head to the right to find a spark rolling around the platform you must use. Jump and continue to the next screen. In the next screen wait until the spark goes down the ladder and then proceed to the left avoiding the other spark that will appear, climb the ladder and you will find the disappearing blocks, memorize the sequence and move on. When you reach the third scene you will encounter Mega Man clones, they aren’t that hard, but be precise when you shot at them because it will require two Mega Buster shoots per clone. When you defeat them, drop down and go the next scene.

This room is quite tricky, more clones will come to attack you, so you know what to do with them but at the same time you have to deal with the phasing blocks so you can move to the next scene, and the last scene before the boss. In the last room, be extremely careful because the clones will try to make you hit the spikes, move carefully and you will reach the boss room.

Fifth Boss: Plug Man

The battle with plug man can be tricky but is not difficult; when you start go to solid ground and start firing the boss with Mega Busters. Never move backwards because Plug Man will corner you and that will be your demise; the only moment you can shoot at him is when he jumps and you can go to an opposite distance to shoot at him. Repeat the process a couple of times and you will defeat him.

Sixth Stage: Tornado Man

As soon the level starts, climb up to the next scene and you will face a new enemy. Jump up to get on the level with it. Don’t shoot the balloon, shoot at the robot because if you shoot the balloon the robot will go and attack you. Go on and kill the Mets. To continue to the next scene you must jump into the spinning magnetos if you want to move on; follow the pattern and you will reach the next screen.

Right after you go to the ladder defeat the robots in the balloons and go to the right just to find another set of spinning magnets; be precise in the jumping because these magnets are surrounded by spikes in the ground and air. In the new scene be careful to not slip because again there are spikes all around you and be careful with the enemies.

In the last scene before the boss, just be careful with the umbrellas and the currents, they will push you to the opposite directions. To go the boss room just jump into the clouds and that’s it, you will be facing Tornado Man.

Sixth Boss: Tornado Man

Tornado Man

The strategy with Tornado Boss is simple, follow his pattern of jumping and tornado shooting. One thing you can do is hit him while he is in the air, it will be the only moment you have to attack him. That’s it, after a few shots he will be history.

Seventh Stage: Magma Man

The level of Magma Man is really easy (not so easy is Magma Man). Go right and a flying automat will welcome you, it will fly away after it throws a flame so just keep your distance anytime an enemy like this appears. At the end of the scene, you need to jump on the platforms if you want to move to the next scene.

In the next scene you will face some totems that will shoot at you from its different heads; if you want to kill it just shoot each head four times and beware of the flamethrower automats that you faced earlier because they will reappear. As you proceed you will find probably the nastiest enemy in the entire game, a little robot that will shoot a beam, and if the beam touches you it will kill you on the spot. When you pass this scene climb up the ladder and you will face another totem, kill him and advance to the next scene.

In the new room you will fight a mini boss, a dragon; is actually difficult and the chances of being killed are really high; first doge him when he approaches you and dodge the fireballs, use the tornado blow (the weapon from Tornado Man) to hit him more times in his face than the mega booster. When you defeat him continue and defeat the enemies of the next room, they won’t put too much problem.

After you finish with the dragon and pass a couple of rooms with a few enemies, you will end in a new scene with some of those little pesky robots that shoot the magma beam, just avoid it don’t kill it or give it a physical fight because you will need all your strengths to Magma Man (a classical cliché in videogames, all the fire bosses are difficult), at the end go and climb the ladder to go to the last room before the boss fight. In the last room more of those little robots that you found in the last scene, just avoid them and go to the boss gate.

Magma Man

The best strategy to beat Magma Man is with the Tornado Blow (Tornado Man weapon), but the trick is that you need to time the shot precisely because with one single blow you can hurt him twice and with the Tornado Blow his flames will disappear, but don’t waste the weapon on the flames he throws only use it to hurt him and you will defeat him really quickly; if you run out of ammo use the Mega Booster to take him out

Eight Stage: Hornet Man

Another level where you start by going to the right; as soon you land take off the mine carts and you will be introduced to a new enemy who looks like a flower that shoots petals; it takes four shots to kill one. Move forward and you will face other flowers and some platforms to reach the ladder to go to the next scene. Jump and go climb the ladder. As soon you arrive at the new scene you will see a large screw on a platform that can be taken with the rush coil. Go back and you will find a pair of scissors that will glide to you, don’t try to dodge them because if you dodge them they will come back as a boomerang.

Continue to the right, jump over the spikes and kill the scissors; after you pass the scissors you will see an enemy attached to the wall, don’t shot it because it will attack you, except that you need to choose the last enemy so he can make the floor crumble and you can go down to the next screen. On the next screen start firing at the enemy to move to the next scene but be careful if you miscalculate you will be dropped to the spiked floor.

Eight Boss: Hornet Man

There is a sub-boss that you need to take care of; is a large version of the flowers that you faced early in this level. What you need to do is shoot at the flower whenever you can. Each time the flower is hit it will shrink. Do the process a couple of times and the flower will be defeated. As soon the flower is dead, drop down the ledge.

Another platform scene, but filled with enemies up to the very end, but the worse is that the scissors will appear again and there will be more than ever. Cross this scene carefully because you can lose really easily.

Boss: Hornet Man

As many plant based bosses, the best strategy to be taken is with a fire powered weapon like the Magma Bazooka; the strategy with Hornet Man is really simple, just use the Magma Bazooka when he is not shooting at you. Remember to dodge; repeat the strategy a few times and it will be a piece of cake.

Dr. Wily Castle: First Part

When you land, go to the right and some enemies will appear, take them down and you will reach some pits. Be careful and kill the enemies when they appear; this scene is really simple.

Climb the ladder and repeat the process, then jump over the left platform when the right one rises. Follow the platform pattern and try to get to the end where you have to climb a ladder. To continue you need to use the Tornado Blow, and when you reach a division drop down to the platform and jump to the next one.

The new scene is quite difficult, because you have to face a series of enemies if you want to move on (but what can we expect from Dr. Wily?). In the first part of this new scene you will face some enemies based on threes, they are not difficult but then you will face another dragon like the one in Magma Man stage, apply the same strategy and you will defeat him. Take the ladder and go to the next scene; take down the enemies, use the Rush Coil to jump to the next ladder and go to the next scene, now it’s the real deal.

Once you enter the new room, call Rush Coil, jump and latch onto the left ladder. Climb up two screens, pull the Rush Jet out and drop two screens down where you saw two little beam robots, once you reach that screen stay on the left side and land in the middle of the three beam robots and quickly turn right. Call Rush Jet and ride over the right ladder and climb it. Now you are ready for the last room before the first Dr. Wily boss.

Now in the new room, jump into the platform and go left, jump into the right teleportation chamber. When you do it, climb the ladder and fight the enemies. When you reach the end of the room jump across the gaps and climb the ladder on the other side of the room. Take out the three enemies and you will be in the gates of the first boss.

First Sub-boss: Quad Shots

Use of the Arm Cannon, the trick is to shoot the spike balls against the robots and avoid being hit.

Second Sub-boss: Shark Attacker

Use a mix between Laser Trident and the Mega Booster, avoid his attacks and snap him when his defense is low.

Dr. Wily’s Castle: Third Part

Move to the right and you will come across two Stompers. After you defeat them, you will be in a room where gravity is inverted, defeat the enemies (they are going to be enemies you have seen in other levels, so you will know what to do) and follow the path until you get at the very end and get a energy capsule, drop down, kill the diamond, drop down again and then go to the right.

When falling, hold the left cross to land on the left side of the screen, you will land on a platform, then drop down again to continue to the next area, but don’t forget to kill the enemies in the process or they won’t let you move on.

When you reach the new area, you will find yourself in a new gravity room. Is similar to the other one you faced previously. Stay as far left as possible because if you go to the right too much you will be grabbed by a those robots who look like helicopters and it will throw you on the spikes. The next scene is similar as well as the one after, but in the last one you need to launch yourself to the left to get to the ladder to the top.

The last room and the one before the last boss, is quite tricky and you can lose because of the Mets, they are everywhere, but not all the Mets are real, some of them are false and can be killed more quickly. When you pass the Mets you will find a Stomper, kill it and go to the boss gate.

Third Sub-boss: Devil Amoebas

The amoebas are not that difficult, they can be defeated with the Black Hole Bomb. Be careful of how they pass their weapons to one another. The only one moment when you can shoot at them is when the eye of the middle opens.

Dr. Wily’s Castle: Fourth Part

As any other Mega Man game you have to face again the Robot Masters by jumping into their pods before facing Dr. Wily. When you defeat them, it is time for the final battle

O—-O O—-O

| GM | | PM |

O—-O O—-O

O—-O O—-O

| CM | | TM |

O—-O O—-O

O—-O O—-O O—-O O—-O

| SW | | JM | | HM | | MM |

O—-O O—-O O—-O O—-O

GM = Galaxy Man

CM = Concrete Man

SW = Splash Woman

JM = Jewel Man

HM = Hornet Man

MM = Magma Man

TM = Tornado Man

PM = Plug Man

Dr Wily: Strategy Guide

Phase One:

The trick with this phase relies on the use of the arm cannon; every time the robot shoots some eggs, you need to make them explode on the robots face. That’s the trick with the first stage.

Phase Two:

The best weapon with the second phase is the Concrete Shot, but it will be a little difficult because Dr. Wily will hover in the air and land on you. To avoid this just stay in the left corner. When he is near run to the right corner and shot him a few times avoiding his fire attacks.

Part Three:

The last phase requires a lot of patience as you have to wait until Dr. Wily is on the same level as you. When Dr. Wily is in the same level as you, shot a Mega Booster shoot, avoid his attacks, and repeat the process until he dies.