How to Build a Minecraft Nether Portal

Looking to get into the Nether? Our guide to constructing your very own Nether portal will have you crossing the threshold in no time. Combining lava and water will allow you to build an obsidian portal anywhere you wish, and we’ll show you how.

A Collection of The Best Minecraft Hacks

One of the best games in years. Minecraft has gathered together a huge community of creative people including those able to hack and mod the game, creating something greater than any one person could do. Here are a few of the best Minecraft Hacks.

Minecraft Alpha is About to Disappear!

Minecraft Alpha is quickly coming to a close, my friends! Read this quick guide to see what will change and when Beta begins! Hint: The world will descend into the darkness before it is filled with burning lava and the walking dead! Oh wait, that’s just the Nether!

Minecraft Skinning Guide

Even outside of the immense and robust crafting engine that is Minecraft, there’s still plenty to do. One thing you can do is make up a new skin for your player. How? Well read on to find out.