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    • A Complete Guide to Minecraft
      Looking for more information about the hit sandbox game from Mojang? This guide provides absolutely everything you'd need including the scoop on crafting, information about mods, and more.
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Alice Gardens Ambush
      Well, it looks like Tai Yong Medical doesn't like you looking into their hacker connections. It seems that they've decided to clear out Alice Gardens, and it's up to us to make it out alive. I'll explain how to fight or sneak your way out past the Belltower guards.
    • This Server Is Mine...Craft: How to Edit The Server.Config File on Your Minecraft Server
      Getting your Minecraft Server up and running is only the beginning, to truly customize the experience, you'll want to tweak your server.config file to your liking. Our complete guide has information on each category and what you'll want to change to disable PvP, use your existing world, and more.
    • By Your Command: Complete List of Operator Commands For Your Minecraft Server
      Setting up your Minecraft server is only the beginning, you'll also have to wield the powers of an operator to remove unsavory characters who might destroy what you and others have worked so hard to construct. Check out our full list of Minecraft server commands.
    • Live Longer in Minecraft: Ten Things Not to Do
      Minecraft is a great sandbox game filled with cool things to try out. There are also quite a few things you should avoid doing, and this guide will help you do exactly that.
    • Show Off Your Minecraft Creations on Your Own Multiplayer Server
      Playing Minecraft solo is fun, certainly, but the game is even better when you can mine, build, and fend off the monster hordes with some friends. Our guide will show you how to download the server software and get your Minecraft multiplayer experience up and running as quickly as possible.
    • Need a Break From Mining? Check Out Our Top Ten Fun Things to Try in Minecraft
      Sure, exploring the world's nether regions in search of rare ores and gems is fun, but eventually you're going to want to try something you can do in the sunlight. Our top ten things to do in Minecraft will give you a bit of direction when you find yourself overwhelmed by the game's many options.
    • Rise Above Creepers and Other Hostile Mobs in a Minecraft Floating Fortress
      Tired of Creepers blowing holes in your carefully-constructed Minecraft buildings on the ground? Rise above them by constructing your very own flying fort. This lofty perch will allow you to scoff at all the hostile mobs gathered below, unable to reach you. Just follow our step-by-step guide.
    • Go to Hell in Minecraft With Your Very Own Nether Portal
      Looking to get into the Nether? Our guide to constructing your very own Nether portal will have you crossing the threshold in no time. Combining lava and water will allow you to build an obsidian portal anywhere you wish, and we'll show you how.
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